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Camp Wagon

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The portable folding wagon is a great addition to your next camping trip. It will allow you to store and transport some of the heavier items that you would normally keep in your pack. There will be less strain on your back and shoulders, or you can fit more in your bag. Instead of carrying groceries and making multiple trips to bring essentials to the beach, you can pack your stuff in a wagon and transport it from A to B in one trip.

The most important aspects of camping wagon:

Depends on toughness

There are some wagons that can be well built or just junk. When roaming through rocky or rugged terrain, you will need a sturdy cart. For most camping wagons, wagons with canvas bodies and metal frames will usually take the brunt of abuse and continue to function without much attention. One problem with this type of wagon is the plastic hinges between the bars in the collapsible frame. When inspecting the intended wagon, make sure the hinges are made of sturdy materials and are not too weak. These plastic hinges can wear out and break when unfolding and folding the frame.

Spin your wheels

Be selective when buying a cart and look for wheels made of thicker materials. This will save you from an unfortunate burden while camping. Also, be sure to avoid pneumatic tires. Leaky tires are another cause of several trips outside of the campground, when there should only be a few or even one. A sharp stick can puncture some tires and end the fun of camping. Another problem with wheels is their narrow width. Always choose carts and wagons with wider wheels. Some narrower wheels will sink into loose ground and make it difficult for you to pull the cart.


Most carts have a low enough center of gravity to keep the risk of tipping low. Some carts can easily be loaded top-heavy. One thing to watch out for is high tires or wheels. While extra space to carry supplies is nice, it can be tricky when pulling a wagon over uneven or unstable terrain. Take care when selecting a cart for the area you will be using the wagon.

How to choose a camping wagon?


Your choice of folding wagon will depend greatly on the intent of your purchase. When purchasing a wagon for your beach essentials, you should choose one with large wheels and a canopy. These features will allow you to transport the cart smoothly over any terrain while also protecting your small furnishings from the sun.

If you need a shopping cart or a wagon for carrying children, you must choose a model with a high load capacity. Most importantly, it should be made of sturdy materials that won't tear.


When it comes to fabric, you shouldn't just "fiddle with it" - research the materials used by the manufacturer before committing to buying from him. Make sure the wagon you're looking at is made of the highest quality materials that can withstand high loads and a variety of weather conditions. Remember, the durability of your folding wagon should never be compromised.

Typically, a metric of at least 600 denier double-layer polyester or oxford cloth will ensure optimal performance. Combine a sturdy steel frame with UV and moisture resistant technology and you have a winner.


Ask yourself what type of cargo you plan to carry - that way you'll know what kind of load capacity your folding cart needs to have. Every shopping cart is different in nature (read = construction), which is why your choice of carrier depends on your needs.

Is your goal to transport picnic essentials? Then choose a wagon with a capacity of less than 60 pounds. Or, are you considering carrying water sports equipment? In this case, 100 pounds is the minimum number you should be looking for.

Ideally, your collapsible wagon should carry less than its design capacity for the sole reason that it's built to last. Therefore, it is safer to choose a cart with a larger load capacity so that you have enough room for all your belongings.


Buying a cart with the best load capacity is half of the equation. Buying a wagon made of materials that are easy to clean is the other half of the equation. Your carrier should not cost you a lot of effort and time to maintain, nor should you need professional help. It's simply not worth it.

To avoid having to deal with these hassles, check if your cart has a practical manual. In addition, it helps to know where you can buy spare parts from in case of a breakdown.


Whether or not you have a fixed buying budget, you most likely have an amount that you are willing to spend on a wagon. Would you go higher for a cart with a quick-folding mechanism? Or will you lower your budget once you've determined that the most basic collapsible wagon will do the trick? That's for you to decide.