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Our family camping tents come in various types including automatic tents, pyramid tents, tunnel tents and inflatable tents, all available in sizes big enough to accommodate the whole family. With spacious interiors, multiple rooms, and plenty of ventilation, our tents are perfect for families of all sizes. They are made of durable materials like polyester oxford fabric, can withstand the elements and keep you dry and comfortable no matter the weather. From affordable entry-level options to premium tents with advanced features, we have something to suit every need and budget. 

How to choose a family camping tent?

Tent specifications usually indicate the unfolded size, storage size, weight, exterior waterproofing, bottom waterproofing, weight, support material, fabric material, etc,

These specifications may often give beginners a headache. Below are some key points to pay attention to when choosing tents for camping beginners

1. Tent size (number of users)

Usually, the name of a tent is written as a tent for four or six people, directly indicating how many people the tent can accommodate,

We can use this data to filter the tent first, as it will directly affect your camping situation.

But this number usually needs to be subtracted by 1-2 to be the actual number of people, so that they can sleep comfortably.

For example, for a six person tent, usually only four people sleep.

Firstly, how many people do you usually have when camping? Re evaluate the amount of space you need. I usually recommend choosing a tent with a tent size of 4 or more people as a safer option. It's better to buy a large tent than a small one.

We also calculate a tent with a width of 60-70 centimeters as one person, so a tent with a width of 300 centimeters is about enough to accommodate 5 people.

2. Is it easy to set up?

For novice camping enthusiasts, if the process of setting up a tent is too complex, it is likely that once you open the tent storage bag and take out the things, you won't know what to do

So before making a purchase, I think it's important to first understand how to set up this tent? Don't make decisions just because the tent looks comfortable.

3. Can one person build it
We often consider whether it is possible to build it alone?, Or it can be built without the need for nails

A tent that can be built without the need for nails, is a tent that can be erected without pulling a camping rope,

After being erected, the entire tent can be moved up and down.

The advantage is that you can gradually confirm how to configure your tent, and a fast tent can also be a good entry-level choice. It is also a tent that can be set up without the need for nails.

4. Price

I believe that tent prices will be an important factor for beginners to consider, after all, newcomers who have just entered the pit are still in the stage of testing water and temperature!

I'm not sure how long I'll be walking on the camping road, so I'm not likely to spend a lot of money.

I think when beginners first start, there are good choices for styles priced around 500 yuan or less,

I also believe that this will be a relatively acceptable price for most beginners.

5. Waterproof coefficient

The waterproof coefficient needs to be referenced, after all, if it rains during camping,

When the waterproof coefficient is not high enough, it can lead to dampness or even drizzle inside, which can be a terrifying camping experience!

Generally, a coefficient of at least 1500-2000 is better!

The waterproofing coefficient usually includes the waterproofing coefficient of the external tent and the waterproofing coefficient of the bottom of the internal tent. The bottom waterproofing is usually high to avoid water accumulation or anti moisture. Moreover, due to frequent friction at the bottom, in order to make it more waterproof and durable, the bottom waterproofing will be relatively high. The recommended waterproof coefficient for the bottom is above 2000.

Usually, campsites nowadays have waterproof plastic mats to support the tent, or wooden pallets to prevent water accumulation. If the campsite does not have these things to support your tent, you can also add moisture-proof mats (floor coverings) to make up for this.

6. Storage size

The storage size involves the size of your carriage and the storage at home. I would prefer a storage length of 80-90 centimeters or less after storage.

In addition, some tents will be divided into two packages for storage, which has the advantage of dispersing storage volume and weight, and making extraction easier.

7. Skeleton materials

There are two common types of skeleton materials, one is glass fiber (FRP) and the other is aluminum alloy.

Aluminum alloys are usually more durable than FRP, which is prone to embrittlement and fracture after prolonged use, and if broken, it can be quite dangerous.

But aluminum alloys are usually more expensive.

I think if it's a beginner's tent, it's better to aim for around 1-2 years first. It's not too late to consider upgrading the tent after camping for a while, so buying a fiberglass tent for an entry-level tent is okay, I think.

Of course, if you want to buy 'sturdy' or 'durable' for the first time, then get an aluminum alloy tent directly!

8. Tent height

The height of the tent affects the posture in which you use it and also affects the convenience of activities inside the tent. It is best to stand upright inside the tent, otherwise it would be okay to lower your head slightly. If the height requires bending or lying down, it is not recommended.

9. Weight

Although weight is a factor that everyone may consider slightly, I personally believe that camping in parent-child camping areas generally does not need to be so important, as we all drive to the designated location and unload the goods... we don't really need to move around.

My personal experience is that it is easier to move below 20kg.
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