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KASSICO® offers one-stop camping gear solutions with 10+ year experience. We can offer a wide choice picnic mats of sizes, material and colors,  We have a professional and creative R&D department, which can provide private label & customized service as your request. We also have a QC team for quality control and support third-party inspections, We assure you that each products is inspected and tested at every stage of production to ensure that it meets our strict quality requirements.

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Travel is a meaningful way to spend your free time. People visit local destinations or different countries during their holidays. Having all the essentials for traveling is vital to make it enjoyable. An outdoor blanket is an essential accessory as you will need to spread it on the ground while you are away.

In addition, a picnic mat can be many things, not just something you can sit on while enjoying a summer picnic on the grass. When you have a quality picnic mat, you can take it on camping trips, use it as a base while fishing, read a book in the sun, or take it to an outdoor concert when you need to sit down.

Having an outdoor picnic mat means you always have a little luxury in your outdoor life and makes you more comfortable in any situation.

How do I choose the right picnic mat?

Most people decide which picnic mat to choose based on appearance. While style is important, function is the only thing that really matters. You don't have to sacrifice style for performance, but without any basic functionality, your picnic mat may not be practical.


The first consideration when buying a picnic mat is the size, which must be chosen according to the number of people who will be more comfortable sitting and lying down. Your picnic mat should be large enough to accommodate your supplies, you and your family, too small and it will ruin your experience.


Picnic mats that look good and feel good. You're having a picnic and you're probably planning to click a few "selfies" to preserve the memories. A brightly colored, good-looking mat will instantly add ambiance to your photos. Adding a splash of color or a fun pattern to your picnic will only enhance your experience.


Your picnic mat should be easy to carry. With all the equipment you must carry, you will need a compact and portable mat. Deck towels are easy to fold and lightweight, and can be folded down to the size of a newspaper.


Another important factor to consider is softness. Rough fabrics can irritate your skin. While your mat should be sturdy, it shouldn't compromise on softness.


Your picnic mat should be soft, but that doesn't mean they don't have to be durable. Your picnic mat will go through some harsh torture because of the ground you place it on and the use it is supposed to go through. It should be able to withstand that abuse. Linen is a very durable fabric.


Everything you own should do justice to your personality. A picnic mat that suits your personality will be more fun to carry around. Choose your picnic mat to reflect your unique style, and the picnic mat you choose says a lot about your personality.


If waterproofing is important, we recommend choosing a picnic mat made of canvas, oxford cloth or polyurethane, etc. This type usually has a good waterproof and water repellent effect, and can be easily slapped away if it is stained with dirt, rocks or sand, which is most suitable for the beach, or the ground where it has just rained and still has some moisture.

In addition, some picnic mats will be affixed with a layer of aluminum plate or aluminum film on the inside, its insulation can effectively isolate the cold air conducted from the ground, and also has a thermal insulation effect in the summer, can be useful all year round.

How to clean the picnic mat?

Before cleaning your picnic mat, try to wipe away spills and debris. If this works and your mat looks like new, good for you.

For the detergent dispenser, you can add some mild detergent or a little fabric softener, but only if necessary. Don't add any stain removers or harsh chemicals!

If you are considering washing your picnic mat by hand, add cold water to the tub and some laundry detergent that will wash out the stain. Place the mat in soapy water and wash it by hand, rinse until the water is clear, and then you're done.

Store the completely dry picnic mat, otherwise mold or other bacteria may attack it. Therefore, make sure your mat is dry before putting it away.

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