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Is camping cookware necessary?
When you go camping, no matter who you are, you will have to take care of three meals. Unless you go to a luxury camping area (where meals are provided) or there is a store nearby where you can buy food, you will have to prepare them yourself. And the biggest fun of going camping is not only the contact with nature, but also the cooking with friends in the wild. So get your cooking equipment together and enjoy the satisfaction of cooking on site!

How camping cookware works
Unlike kitchen cookware, pots and pans for camping, hiking, kayaking and other adventure sports are designed for travel. They are often made of lightweight materials and multifunctional components; they can also be equipped with insulated, collapsible handles or removable handles for carrying fondue pots and pans. Ideally, they are compact, easy to carry and clean, and sturdy enough to withstand weather, field use and non-traditional cleaning methods.

Cookware needed for outdoor camping
1. Camping stove and/or camping grill
Assuming you plan to cook hot meals, a camping stove is a key item to invest in. Most people use gas stoves (rather than wood-burning stoves), and some people choose to bring a portable grill camping. Unless you are planning some very elaborate cooking, a two burner stove is sufficient for most camping meals.

2. Outdoor cooking table

Outdoor kitchen camping stove table helps make camping cooking a comfortable experience

Next, you'll need a camping stove table for preparing food, cooking and serving. At its most basic, you'll need a stable surface to hold the stove (and/or grill), as well as space to chop ingredients and place cooked food on a plate before serving.

3. Camp cookware sets

For pots and pans, you can bring regular ones from home, but for more packable, portable camping cookware, look for lightweight and stackable ones that are easy to carry and store.

4. Cooler

A good cooler is important for camping because in most seasons and climates, you definitely need a way to keep your perishable foods cool before cooking and eating them, and it's also necessary for your campsite if you want to bring along cool drinks.

5. Outdoor tableware

Tableware is definitely an area that deserves the right equipment designed for outdoor use that is not easily broken or damaged and can be easily stacked and packed for travel.

How to Choose the Camping Cookware?

Budget and quality

When it comes to the trade-off between budget and quality (and the overall longevity and sustainability of the gear you choose), it's worth considering how often you'll be using the gear and whether you'll appreciate the attendant benefits of having better quality, more durable gear. If you can justify the added expense, then better quality gear should be more enjoyable to use, more versatile and last longer than cheaper alternatives.

Weight and portability

When it comes to weight and the portability needed for camping cooking equipment, it's worth noting that for some items, such as outdoor tables, heavier options may be more stable and less likely to shake or be knocked over or blown over, so if you don't mind the extra weight and bulk when packed in your vehicle, they may be the better choice.

Cooking styles and meal options

Think about how you will use your portable outdoor kitchen and how many cooking ingredients you will actually need when camping

Cookware materials

Stainless steel cookware

Pros: It's just extra leathery and durable, and it's relatively inexpensive. Even if you are abused in the outdoors or bumped into the ground, you will not be too distressed

Disadvantages: But it is not easy to carry if it is used outdoors, it is still relatively heavy. Secondly, its thermal conductivity is not as good as aluminum and titanium, if there is uneven heating, it is easy to paste the bottom, it is not recommended for newcomers to start.

Aluminum cookware

Advantages: its thermal conductivity is very fast, cooking, boiling water time is shorter; and his important to be much lighter, even on the back is not much burden. And, generally, aluminum cookware, it will have a non-stick coating inside, omelette, roast meat, etc. are also easier to control the fire.

Disadvantages: It is not very resistant to construction, but it wins inexpensive, small weight, good operation, is the first choice of novices.

Titanium cookware

Pros: It is basically a collection of the advantages of aluminum cookware and stainless steel cookware, while it has a better texture and looks good.

Cons: Frying is easy to paste the bottom of the pan, but it boils water especially fast, and saves time and fuel when cooking noodles and porridge outdoors.

Cleaning and storing camping cookware

No matter how far from civilization your outdoor adventure is, someone has to do the dishes. In the wilderness, washing dishes sometimes requires creativity. If washing cookware with soap and water is feasible and viable, heat the water in your cooking pot and use biodegradable soap. Allow as few food particles as possible to enter the wash water. When finished, strain the food particles out of the water and take them away from the campsite and any water sources before scattering them on the ground.

In addition to soap, you can use sand and snow to scrub your pots and pans, then rinse with hot water to remove traces of grease and kill bacteria. If scrubbing scratches non-stick surfaces, then boiling water alone is sufficient to sanitize camping cookware. Seasoned cast iron cookware has a non-stick surface that you can simply wipe down. If scrubbing is necessary, use coarse salt. It will remove stuck-on food and add seasoning to your next meal.

When you're ready to pack up and move on, a layer of cloth between the nested cookware will prevent scratching the non-stick surface. Store your cookware in a material bag to prevent it from blackening the fire and transferring it to other equipment.

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