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KASSICO is one of the professional outdoor camping chair suppliers, providing a wide range of camping chairs, including camping chairs, beach chairs, director chairs, rocking chairs, zero gravity chairs, moon chairs, swing chairs, lounge chairs, etc., with our excellent technology and rich experience, We can provide private label & custom manufacturing services for you, We will assist you step by step. We have a creative R&D department and QC team for quality control and support third-party inspections. If you have a need for wholesale custom camping chairs please feel free to contact us for a quote.
Excellent Customized Services For You

Almost all of the following customizations are possible, you just need to take the first step.

Customise Fabric
Oxford Fabric
Teslin Mesh Fabric
Faux Leather Fabric
Customize Tube Frame
Aluminum Frame
Wooden Frame
Steel Frame
Customize Package
Non Woven Bag
Oxford Bag
Mesh Bag
Why Choose KASSICO As Your Camping Chair Manufacturer

KASSICO camping chairs are lightweight, sturdy & durable, comfortable and easy to carry, perfect for indoor and outdoor use, such as camping, hiking, beach, garden, yard events and any other outdoor. It is folding and very easy to use without any assembly. sturdy holder makes it more portable and designed with padded high backrest and armrest side for you.

Quality materials
KASSICO Outdoor uses high-quality materials to produce their camping chair, ensuring durability and longevity. This means that clients can rely on their camping chair to withstand harsh winter conditions and protect them from the elements.
Customizable Options
Clients can choose from a variety of customizable options to suit their specific needs. Whether it’s the size, shape, color, or design of the chair, KASSICO Outdoor can work with clients to create a chair that fits their unique requirements.
Expertise and Experience
With years of experience in producing outdoor gear, KASSICO Outdoor has the expertise and knowledge needed to produce high-quality camping chair. Clients can trust in their expertise to deliver a product that meets their expectations.
Competitive Pricing
KASSICO Outdoor offers competitive pricing camping chair, making them an affordable option for clients looking for a reliable and durable chair. Clients can get value for their money while still receiving a high-
quality product.
How to choose a camping chair ?

Folding chair is the most important equipment in camping activities except bedding. One third of the camping time is spent in chairs. Compared with sitting on the wet ground, a comfortable and portable camping chair will undoubtedly greatly increase our happiness outdoors. Let's take a look at how to buy camping chairs.

1. Purpose
Before choosing a chair, you need to evaluate the environment of the site, whether it is self driving camping, courtyard, mountain forest camping, or beach. If you are used for self driving camping, you can choose a leisure chair, which has various shapes, such as moon like, sofa like, etc. If you are backpacking, hiking, camping or traveling, and want to have a seat at any time during the journey, you might as well put an ultra light chair in your backpack. It has the advantages of light weight, small volume and good support. It can be used as a seat for rest.

If you go to the beach in summer, prepare a beach chair. It is relatively short, its hind legs can stretch on the beach, and its back is mostly set with breathable mesh to increase comfort; A beverage bag will also be provided at the handrail.

2. Size
If you use it in a closed living room, your indoor space is very limited and it is not suitable for large camping chairs or lounge chairs. But if your equipment is an open sky curtain, you have the conditions to choose a larger chair and sit more comfortably.

Usually in winter, we need to keep warm and windproof. Usually, we prefer to use the living room account, while in summer, we prefer to build the sky curtain because we want to be ventilated. You usually have different plans to match, adapt to different camps, weather... And so on. So don't buy too big camping chair, which is more practical. It is suitable for both big sky curtain and living room account.

3. Height
The height of the chair greatly affects the use experience. Be sure to choose a height that suits you and match it with your "camping table height". The height of about 40 ~ 55 cm belongs to "low table", and about 55 ~ 75 cm belongs to "high table". 75 cm above or 40 cm below, one may have to stand up and one may have to sit on the ground. Consider the height of the table and choose the height of the corresponding camping chair to ensure comfortable sitting. Therefore, high chairs are equipped with high tables, and low chairs are equipped with low tables to avoid the embarrassment caused by uneven height of tables and chairs.

4. Storage
Like other camping equipment, storage size is the top priority!!! Not only should we consider the storage space at home, but also the more important question is "can the car carry it?".

Generally speaking, the storage volume is inversely proportional to the comfort. The larger the storage volume, the more comfortable the chair is. It is better in stability and support. The price is that a certain position should be reserved for the chair in the carriage.

The storage of camping chairs can also be divided into "plate shape" and "column shape". Like the "folding chair", it is plate-shaped. Such chairs may need to be stowed, stuffed under the boot, and then stacked with other equipment. The "columnar" camping chair is better to store, but it should also be noted that the length should not be too long. It may not fit into the trunk or get stuck in the wheel arch of the car. It can be placed flexibly according to its weight, and can be placed on backpacks, motorcycles, etc.

5. Load
Heavy weight people should also consider load.
The load of the camping chair is one of the data we often refer to, but it represents the "uniform load" rather than the concentrated load, so don't think that if he writes 50kg, you will let a 50kg child sit on it. Even if the skeleton is not broken, the table may be bent
Therefore, no matter how high it is, try not to challenge it recklessly. "Load value" can only be used as a reference for use safety.

6 Stability
Choose according to the terrain of your camping place.
Many camping chairs in the market pursue "light weight", but it is likely that the stability of the chair is sacrificed when pursuing light weight.

7. Assembly difficulty
Assembly difficulty seems to be less discussed in camping chairs because it is usually easy. However, there is a popular lightweight camping chair recently, which is troublesome in assembly, but the advantage is that it is very small and lightweight after storage, and the disadvantage is that it has poor stability

8. Personal experience
Personal experience is very important! Before you plan to start your own camping chair, you can try your friend's chair. Don't buy a chair by imagination. After all, everyone will experience different comfort.

Some chairs may be suitable for empty daze, but eating, cooking and passionate chat with friends may get stuck in your thighs or make your stomach feel uncomfortable.

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