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How to choice outdoor tableware & dinnerware

Folding tableware is very common in outdoor equipment, but is it really easy to use?
Outdoor hiking picnics are mainly dehydrated foods, such as instant noodles and mashed potatoes. The most commonly used tableware are spoons and chopsticks. Forks and knives have little chance to be used. However, in case, you can choose a fork spoon instead of a spoon.

Plastic vs. metal
Many donkeys prefer plastic spoons, forks and fork spoons in fast food restaurants. They are not only light, "they don't hurt if they are lost", but from the perspective of environmental protection, they are not desirable, and the more they are not afraid of losing, the easier they are to lose.
The materials of metal tableware are mainly stainless steel and titanium, and there are few aluminum products. Hollow chopsticks themselves are not heavy, and there is no big difference between stainless steel and titanium, but for knives, forks and spoons, the gap is relatively large, and titanium is the first choice for lightweight.

Foldable vs. non foldable
Folding tableware is easy to store. It is generally folded and placed in a small pot with an air tank, stove head and lighter. Stoves, cooking utensils and tableware are all together. However, folding tableware is often not easy to use, and there are many corners to take care of when cleaning, resulting in a lot of trouble. The screw split chopsticks are unstable if they are not tightened, and they can't be used if they are screwed off, which is considered to be some potential risks. Outdoor simplicity is king. I recommend non folding tableware.

Screw split chopsticks
Short handle vs. long handle
The tableware with short handle is generally between 16-19cm, and the tableware with long handle is about 23cm, and the weight difference between them is very small. If it is not folded, neither the short handle nor the long handle is likely to be stored in a personal pot. In most cases, short handled tableware is enough, but long handled tableware is often more handy and flexible. If your pot is deep or dehydrated food is soaked in cold sealed bags, long handled forks and spoons are even more necessary.

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