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KASSICO® offers one-stop outdoor tent solutions with 10+ year experience. We have a professional and creative R&D department, which can provide private label & customized size, color and material as your request. And we use the most mainstream and waterproof and durable high-grade tent fabrics, including Polyester Fabric, Poly Cotton Fabric, Oxford Fabric, and Nylon Fabric, etc. We assure you that each tent is inspected and tested at every stage of production, from fabric inspection to cutting to sewing, to ensure that it meets our strict quality requirements.
Free Design, Free Sample, Low MOQ, Factory Direct Price, 24/7 Customer Service. Develop New Model Monthly.
Rich Experience Custom Tent & Shelter Manufacturer - KASSICO
KASSICO provide a wide range of outdoor tents for camping, glamping, car roof and fishing & hunting scenes. we specialize in manufacturing 1-6 person tents, family tents, inflatable tents, cotton canvas, canopy tents, roof top tents, pop-up tents, etc. We can provide you with a one-stop solution for wholesale custom tents, from fabric procurement, to structure design, to tent production, to quality inspection, to load container and shipping. 
Our tents are designed to be durable, affordable, and easy-to-set-up, making them a great choice for global families of all sizes and experience levels. Whether you’re planning a weekend camping trip or an extended outdoor adventure, our tents are sure to provide you with the comfort and protection you need.  Contact us now and quickly start your tent custom manufacturing project.

Types of tents

  1. Dome Tents

This dome tent is so strong that it can stand upright even in strong winds because it is freestanding and does not require any stakes. The tent's bent poles improve its stability in case of problems.

Dome tents contain a very common type of two flexible and comfortable poles that cross each other at the top of the dome and moor at each corner of the tent dome. Another important and major point is that this dome tent is very sturdy and can withstand all kinds of weather and big problematic conditions.

Pros: Affordable, light, plenty of headroom, easy to set up and drop down

Cons: not very stable in wind or bad weather, unstable if larger, small porch area

  1. Frame/Ridge Tent

The frame/ridge type tent contains thick canvas supported by two vertical and horizontal poles at each end. The stability of this type of tent will depend on how the tent is set up and how these tent things are placed.

In any case, when it rains in that period, ridge and frame type tents use aluminum poles as well as nylon and polyester material for waterproofing. And the more important point is that this tent is suitable for two people. You can go with your partner and only with a friend, then this will be a great pair.

Pros: Waterproof, durable and sturdy in bad weather conditions, easy to set up

Cons: limited headroom, heavy canvas material, bad challenge

  1. Wall tent

It is recommended to use this tent for long outings during any BSA council camping trips as it can accommodate many Scouts. One thing that comes with this tent is that it provides a great space for people so many scouts can sleep in this tent.

The wall tent contains those upright poles which contain two vertical poles to keep it standing and straight. This tent is made of a very strong and sturdy material that will keep you dry inside the tent even if it is raining outside.       

Pros: durable, waterproof, sleeps more people, comfortable, space

Cons: too heavy, can be complicated to set up, little to no installation

  1. Breathable tents

These tents are designed in a better way that allows you to stay dry from the rain inside the tent. These tents are designed in a better way so you won't have any problems when you are adventuring and when it rains.

This breathable tent is designed in such a way that it will stand upright without causing any problems in bad weather conditions such as storms. And it's easy to carry around so you don't have to worry about that.

Pros: Light, durable, waterproof

Cons: Tends to be expensive, small indoor room, can get wet in warm weather

How do you store your tent ?

Always make sure your tent is completely dry before storing it. A damp tent will mold, stink and fall apart faster. This is my most important tip.

When using your tent, be sure to use both hands to operate the zippers. The tent is designed to be zipped tightly and may tear if you accidentally zipper it up without putting the fabric together.

Do not throw the tent in the washing machine or wash it with strong soap. This will destroy the waterproofing. Instead, use water or a mild detergent.

Never pitch your tent on tree branches, sharp rocks or jagged surfaces. Punctures are more likely than you might expect.

Shake your tent before putting it away. Rolling up with loose items may also result in punctures.

Where is the best place to pitch my tent?

Tents should be pitched on a slightly sloped debris-free area. By doing this, in the event of heavy rain, water will run away from your tent rather than pooling where you sleep. Also, avoid pitching your tent on sensitive grassy areas and instead place it on short grass or non-sensitive ground. Move any tree branches, as they may pierce the floor of your tent.

For your own safety, always pitch your tent with a side wall facing the wind. Never face your tent into the wind. Otherwise, your tent may be blown away! Be careful camping under trees, especially in high winds, as their falling branches can be dangerous and unpredictable.

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