Custom Pop Up Tents Printed with Your Logo & Branding
KASSICO offers one-stop pop up tent solutions with more than 10 years experience. we can provide customized logo, size, color and material  as your request. we manufacture our custom tent from 600D polyester and oxford fabric with your custom graphics and a robust aluminum or carbon fiber frame and tent leg that comes with an all-terrain carry bag. 
Why Choose KASSICO Automatic Pop up Tents?
KASSICO can meet your one-stop tent procurement needs. Our goal is to provide convenience for family and professional camper, offering but not limited to the following categories: camping tent, backpacking tent, fishing tent, beach tent, glamping tent & car roof tent. In addition, we have over 300 high-quality outdoor gear suppliers that make up our powerful supply chain system, ensuring that every customer can find the products they want.
Strict Quality Control
From the sourcing of raw materials to the cutting and sewing process, we implement strict quality control measures to ensure that every product that leaves our factory meets our high standards.
Competitive Pricing
We offer all of our products directly from the factory at affordable prices. Our backpacking tents are not only cost-effective, but they also offer a high return on investment.
Excellent Customer Service
We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service to all of our customers. From the moment you first contact us, whether it’s to inquire about a product or to place an order, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to assist you
Highly Customizable
At KASSICO, We offer extensive customization options for our pop up tents. From selecting the size and style to adding specific features, you have the flexibility to tailor your tent to suit your exact requirements. With our highly customizable options, you can create a modular tent that perfectly aligns with your vision.
High-quality Materials
High-Quality Materials:
Our pop-up tents are crafted from ultralight polyester or nylon fabrics which lightweight nature, excellent waterproofing capabilities, and tear resistance. They provide reliable protection against the elements, keeping you dry and comfortable during your outdoor adventures.
Sturdy Poles and Stakes:
The poles and stakes used in our pop-up tents are constructed from high-quality materials such as aluminum or fiberglass. These materials offer a balance between strength and lightweight design, ensuring stability and durability, allowing it to withstand various weather conditions.
Safety Considerations:
We prioritize the safety of our customers, Our fabrics are tested for toxicity, flammability, and other safety considerations to meet international safety standards. This ensures that our pop-up tents are safe to use and provide peace of mind during your outdoor adventures.
A Variety of Customization Options for Pop Up Tents
KASSICO provides full customization options for automatic pop up tent that cater to the unique requirements and preferences of our clients. Here are some of the customization options that we offer:


We can customize the size of your pop up tent to fit your specific size requirements.


Our pop up tents come in a range of colors to match your personal style and decor.


We offer the option to include your brand logo on the pop up tent for promotional or marketing purposes.


We can include additional accessories such as storage pockets, reading lights, and ventilation windows to enhance the functionality of your tent.


We offer a range of materials to choose from, including polyester, nylon, and cotton, to suit your preferences and needs.

Door type:

Clients can choose the type of door they prefer, such as a zippered door or a tent flap that can be tied shut.

Mesh windows:

Clients can choose to have mesh windows in the bed tent to improve ventilation and air circulation.

Contact us to discuss your specific customization needs and we will work with you to create a privacy pop up tent that meets your requirements.
Kassico is dedicated to providing superior service.
Welcome tocontact us with any questions or inquiries.