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When it comes to the outdoors, it's hard to name any essential piece of equipment other than an outdoor bag. Whether it's a short hike or a long camping trip, an outdoor bag is ruthlessly important, and its quality can affect your entire adventure. When buying a new outdoor bag for your next adventure, you need to buy the best outdoor bag for your activity. Each bag has its own capacity, features and accessories.

Most outdoor bags are made of waterproof nylon and polyurethane materials and are lightweight enough to be used for hiking, camping or backpacking. You can choose from three sizes ranging from XS (2 liters) to XXL (35 liters). The outdoor bag eliminates the hassle of cluttering things up while camping, while also protecting cell phone essentials from water. Depending on the brand, the durable material is also puncture and abrasion resistant, and easy to clean.

How to choose an outdoor bag?


Whether you want to carry a book and a towel or gear for the whole family, you need a bag that can carry what you need. If electronics are part of your daily activities, you'll also need a bag with a waterproof inner pocket (or include a separate waterproof bag). Of course, if you want to carry cold drinks or food, a bag with an insulated section is a must.


Canvas is the most traditional material for outdoor bags, being durable and offering a classic aesthetic. If you need a waterproof bag, look for one made of nylon or polyester. Other materials offer additional benefits, such as sand-resistant silicone, and outdoor bag handles made of cloth or canvas are both durable and comfortable.


Pockets are an important feature of an outdoor bag: external pockets hold liquid containers upright and keep wet sand items separated. Interior pockets can help hide and protect your valuables while making them easily accessible so you can easily reach for your car keys or phone when your hands are full. For added security, consider pockets with zippers or at least snap closures, rather than separate slots.


Some of the most stylish outdoor bags are handheld, however, these aren't always the most practical as they will tie up at least one hand to carry. If you're traveling with kids - or carrying an iced coffee or smartphone - you'll probably want a tote with a shoulder strap or crossbody strap.

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