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KASSICO camping box is an all-aluminum portable outdoor mobile kitchen box, can be used for outdoor cooking and camp gear storage. it is durable, lightweight, anticorrosive, and easy to clean,  The box has four corners for stacked and expanded, which can realize a standing kitchen console and achieve greater space. The outdoor mobile kitchen box has a large storage space, which is used to store stoves, kettles, pots, kitchen utensils, tableware, dishes, and other kitchen supplies. It is used for camping, fishing, tourism, outdoor cooking, etc.

KASSICO is a leading aluminum box factory in Ningbo, China, with 22 years of production experience, we are committed to providing customers with various customized cases and equipped with multiple sets of outdoor camping box solutions. OEM&ODM are welcome.

This is the ideal camping kitchen box for those who love cooking and eating outdoors. Whether you're overlanding across a remote desert, living the "van life" along a coastal highway, or tailgating at a sporting event - The Compact Camp Kitchen is guaranteed to make your life easier, your meals tastier, and your adventure more memorable. 

Having a kitchen that is well organized and neat is a great way to have a nice camping escapade. When you go camping you will not be having the joy of kitchen amenities like you always have in your home setting. This is where a camping box comes in. It helps to make everything you may need from a kitchen ready for you right there on your camping site. With a camper kitchen you certainly will not have to worry where to put your stove, where to keep your cooking pots, knives, bowls and all those kitchen necessities. Better still, the best camping box is one that can be used to store everything you need in the kitchen all rolled up in a simple box. It should be easy to carry when you need to move about from one camp ground to the next.

Our portable camp kitchens and chuck boxes are the ultimate camping boxes for vehicle-based adventures. Why build your own heavy wooden chuck box or carry around cheap plastic storage bins when you could have a lightweight aluminum camping organizer that doubles as an outdoor cooking station? Our camp kitchen boxes are designed for maximum strength and minimum hassle. camp kitchen boxes (aka patrol boxes, grub boxes, or field kitchens) have been used for decades by Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the military, and camp cooking enthusiasts. Sadly, most DIY chuck boxes turn out extremely heavy and cumbersome. These modern camping chuck boxes are much lighter and more compact than older generations. Their superior portability has made them extremely popular with the overlanding, 4x4, Jeep, car camping, and vanlife communities. With Kassico camp boxes, outdoor cooking has never been more fun and convenient. 
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