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How to choose a storage equipment for the outdoor camping?

Being able to neatly organize your belongings while camping will help turn your tent, camper or RV into a true home away from home.

Whether you're storing food, folding clothes or hanging kitchen utensils, there are plenty of useful storage options to keep you organized on the trail.

Things to consider for camping storage

Make every camping trip easier with lightweight and portable storage accessories. Before filling your trailer with portable shelves and storage boxes, consider the following.

  1. Location

Whether you're looking for a storage solution for your suitcase or for food storage in your camping kitchen, the amount of space you have available will play an important role in determining which type of storage items you purchase.

Some storage solutions stack on top of each other or can be hung to free up floor space, while other storage solutions have multiple storage compartments in a frame that can store a variety of different items.

Finally, some items you need to keep on hand for cooking, cleaning and changing clothes, while others are best kept in your car or trailer. Don't clutter your tent with storage bins and dumpsters unless they hold items you really need to keep nearby.

  1. Portability

If you're car camping or in an RV, there's no need to worry too much about the weight of your storage equipment. However, if you have to travel long distances to the campground, you will need lightweight and compact storage solutions that won't let you down.

In this case, storage bags, pouches and straps are an excellent and highly portable way to help keep your belongings neatly organized and out of the elements.

  1. Capacity

Before you invest in dedicated camping storage, calculate exactly what you need to keep and where. For example, family camping trips may require larger storage boxes, bins and hangers because you must leave enough space for feeding, cleaning and dressing. Many stacking boxes and storage bags are available in different sizes, so choose the size that best suits your needs.

  1. Durability

Your camping gear needs to be strong enough to withstand the rigors of camping. To ensure that your locker is durable, look for options made of tough materials like polypropylene, steel or oxford nylon.

Of course, you'll need to balance strength and durability with weight and practicality, but choosing items designed for camping should help you find the best of both worlds.

  1. Waterproof

Any outdoor adventure is likely to expose your items to wet and adverse conditions at some point. Cipher cases and storage boxes designed for outdoor use should come with tight-fitting lids and a ridged design that allows water to flow cleanly. If you're camping at the beach, look for storage and hanging options that are ventilated enough to handle wet towels and swimsuits.

  1. Additional features

To make your life easier while camping, many storage solutions are equipped with super useful features that are perfect for outdoor living. For example, the zippered lids of portable dressers help keep bugs out , and lockable lids are great for keeping valuables safe.

  1. Cost

If you plan to go camping a few times a year, or want to be away for a long time at a time, then years of investment in higher quality, higher priced storage solutions will pay off.

But, as with all things, if you're only planning the occasional camping trip, find quality items that won't break the bank and enjoy them on the odd occasion you need to use them.

Organizing tips

  1. Be organized, but keep it light
  2. Color code your dry bags
  3. Use clear storage bins
  4. Keep smelly/smelly things in one space
  5. Embrace multipurpose items
  6. know what you carry with you - and where it goes at night
  7. Prepare fanny packs
  8. Have specific storage space for your junk
  9. Compression bags are a good friend for cramped quarters
  10. make a poop bag
  11. Set up a sink and dish-washing station
  12. Wear a clothesline at camp
  13. Secure equipment in hard-sided containers
  14. Re-purpose shoe hangers
  15. Use mini containers to carry spices
  16. make a portable drawer set your best friend
  17. Use old metal coffee cans
  18. Install wall-mounted magnetic strips
  19. Prepare camping grab bags
  20. Label large plastic totes by gear type for post-trip storage
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