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KASSICO has a wide variety of outdoor camping drinkware including travel mugs, coffee tumblers, wine tumblers, water bottles and more. Stainless-steel, enamal, aluminum, titanum, keep beverages hot and cold so that you can enjoy life.

Never underestimate the power of a high-quality camping mug. Use it for your breakfast oats or morning coffee, or even a nightcap around the campfire - the right camping mug can do it all in remote areas and around town.

Making sure you have the right drinking fluids on hand is one of the most important things to do when you're exploring the outdoors. Water is essential, but if you're going on a multi-day trip, you may need to add a few extras to your packing list, such as coffee.

We want to make sure our outdoor enthusiasts stay hydrated in whatever way they prefer. That's why we stock a range of durable drinkware for outdoor camping use.

Silicone Folding Water Bottle

Stay hydrated in the great outdoors with a silicone folding water bottle from the kassico brand. The main component of silicone is silicon dioxide, which is chemically stable and non-combustible. It has a strong advantage in thermal stability, even after baking in a high temperature open fire the decomposed material is non-toxic and odorless white smoke as well as white dust. This characteristic makes silicone safety stability is much higher than even food-grade plastic material, in the application of silicone folding water bottle more reassuring. And silicone material has easy to clean, long life, soft and comfortable, environmentally friendly non-toxic characteristics, so outdoor camping is necessary to choose a silicone folding water bottle.

Climbing buckle cup

A stainless steel hiking buckle mug is a great choice for juice, tea and any other liquid you might want to drink. Available in a variety of colors, our camping mugs allow you to match them to your gear and come with a handle so you can tie them to your bag when you're on the move without taking up extra space, making them especially great for use when camping outdoors with friends. And, stainless steel is easy to clean, clean and hygienic, so we highly recommend that you take a few stainless steel hiking buckle cups with you when you are camping outdoors.

We have a variety of styles, you can choose the style you like, or come to us to customize your own hiking buckle mug.

Portable Coffee Maker

Fresh coffee or tea is a must for those cold mornings at the lake, and a portable coffee maker allows you to make coffee by the fire whenever you want. The portable coffee maker is characterized by its simplicity, lightness, beauty and compactness. It does not require any electricity to use and has the most basic and simple operating principles, yet it can brew high quality coffee anytime and anywhere, allowing you to have a high quality enjoyment while camping outdoors.


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