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Camp lighting is a basic requirement for any camping setup, allowing you to make the most of this special time and offering many new experiences and adventures as the sun goes down. Whether you're spending a few nights with your family on a camping vacation or on a fishing adventure with some pals and a kayak, you'll need camping lights.

How to select camping light?


The brightness or lumen rating depends on the type of light and the bulb. Generally speaking, the best outdoor camping lights are around 100 to 200 lumens per lamp.

If you have a large group or area, you may want to maximize your lumen output or use more lanterns. Look for lumens between 200 and 400 lumens for larger groups.

Easy to use

Reading the manual while operating a camping light is not an ideal option. Especially if you're stuck in the middle of a dark trail. Look for buttons with simple touch buttons and intuitive functions.

It's also a good idea to test your lights before you go. Make sure you can operate your light easily and that everything is working.


A weatherproof or shockproof plastic housing is also a must when looking for the best camping lights. You never know when your light will get into an accident or a sudden rainstorm.

Are you camping with your kids?

If so, durability is important to protect your light source from the effects of youthful vigor.

Keep in mind, however, that most electric light sources are durable. On the other hand, fuel-powered lanterns are usually a bit more fragile than electric lanterns.


If you're driving to a campground, weight may not be a big deal. However, if you're hiking into the wilderness, this is an important consideration.

Lightweight and portable flashlights are a good choice when backpacking. They won't take up too much space or weight in your backpack.

However, if you are car camping, you are more free to carry a larger or bulkier light source.

Runtime/battery life

How long will a single charge or tank of gas keep the light on?

You can usually find this information under battery life or run time under the manufacturer's instructions. This once gives you a rough estimate of how long you can use the lantern without replacing the power supply. Knowing this will also give you an estimate of how many batteries or how much fuel you will need for the trip.

Outdoor lights are brighter with LEDs

LEDs are brighter than other light sources, while using less energy. A traditional 60-watt incandescent lamp has a luminous flux of just over 700 lumens (lm). An LED requires only 10 watts to achieve a similar output. In comparison, a candle can emit up to 10 lumens of light. LEDs are particularly suitable for outdoor and camping lighting because the lamp's battery capacity provides longer illumination with an economical bulb. Modern camping lights are also safer than candles or oil lamps.

Waterproof Camping Lights

To be considered waterproof, camping lights must meet the fixed specifications of "ISO 20653". This specification appears as a combination of the letters IPX followed by a number. For camping and outdoor activities, camping lights should meet the requirements of at least IPX4, thus preventing splashing water from all sides, such as small showers. For more extreme requirements, an IPX5 rating, as protection against water jets, or better still, IPX6, as protection against strong water jets, is appropriate. IPX6 rated lamps can withstand greater rainfall.

Additional lighting features and quality characteristics of outdoor luminaires

The adjustable light emits a very bright light for a few seconds at the push of a button, and many users find it useful. Extreme hikers also benefit from the SOS signal and flashing feature, which emits a bright, brief glow to scare away animals. The smallest possible package size and versatile accessory options (such as rubber eyelets or magnets) round out the camping requirements . The manufacturer's long-term warranty is a feature of the camping light's high quality and, in addition to the price, is a decisive factor in the purchase compared to other products with similar performance.

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