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Camping racks are more than just making sure all your items fit into a defined space. Choosing the right box is important, both for organizational purposes and to keep all your belongings safe. Boxes come in different sizes and materials, and each type has an expected function. While it's certainly tempting to put everything in the largest box possible and call it a day, it's worth taking the time to make an informed choice and select the right box for the job.

Folding racks are generally used for temporary use in morning markets, fairs, night markets and homes, for trade shows and exhibitions, for field and recreational use, as a tool for fixed and mobile staging, and for outdoor picnics. Folding rack is also very many types, can be divided into nylon fabric folding rack and plate folding rack, general nylon fabric folding rack is used for market stalls, while the plate amount of folding rack is generally used for family outdoor picnics.

How to choose camping racks

  1. Style unity

Although the shelves take up little space, but because of the location is prominent, so the style must be unified with the design style of the whole room

One, so as not to cause a sense of visual abruptness.

  1. Convenient and practical

As shelves also have the role of placing objects, so the installation location of shelves should also take into account its functionality, in short, should be placed in the easy to access, or relatively close to the socket place. (Within the length of the phone charging cable) If you want to install shelves in the bathroom, it is recommended to choose glass or alloy material, so as to give you the best experience in the humid environment.

  1. Not too complicated

No matter what kind of decoration style, the local should give people - a comfortable feeling. So shelves try to choose a simple style

Style, and refreshing single color, so as to make the visual more calm, not to become the center of gravity of the whole room.

  1. Size

Trying to fill a small space with a large shelf may seem overbearing, and similarly, a small shelf on a huge wall may seem lost. Choose something that is comfortable in the available area.

  1. Portability

If you think you may want to move the shelf to a different part of the garden later, then choose freestanding items that are easy to handle.

  1. Fixing devices

Whether it is a bracket, eye hook or simply fixed with anchors and screws, choose the most suitable fixture for your type of wall.

  1. Weather

All shelves need some form of protection, whether it's paint to protect them from the rain or extra brackets to protect them from wind damage.

How to install racks

  1. Choose a shelf, observe the wall and try not to choose a hollow wall, which is difficult to support heavy objects. After planning the location, measure and mark it well.
  2. According to the mark, start punching holes on the mark, use the drill carefully and hold the drill handle tightly. Finally, according to the drawings, the shelves are fixed with screws and expansion nails, and finally assembled.

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