Jun 14, 2023
How to choose outdoor camping stoves and cookers ? 
Whether camping or not, food and water are the basic guarantees for maintaining their own functions. Especially in winter and high altitude environment, a hot meal and a pot of hot water may be lifesaving.
The main purpose of the stove is to cook hot water for cooking and heating. The outdoor camp is far away from the city. If the food and water cannot be heated and boiled thoroughly, it is easy to get gastroenteritis and bring many inconveniences; Secondly, the outdoor scenery is very different in spring, autumn and winter, but it is also cold at night. Heating is very important. However, carbon based fuels (wood, oil and alcohol) are not burned enough and are prone to carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, a good stove is very important.

At present, there are four main types of stoves: firewood stove, coal / gasoline stove, alcohol stove and gas stove. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and has its own good use scenarios. For novices, the overall order of consideration is:

1、 Key points of furnace selection

1. Safety, I can't say it, it must be the first;

2. Portability: since it is used outdoors, weight bearing must be considered. Otherwise, we will use heavy equipment, and everything will be good;

3. Heat conversion efficiency: when the same fuel is used, the more heat energy provided will naturally be better

4. Continuous supply of fuel, whether it is convenient to purchase, cost-effective, etc. different furnaces have different requirements for fuel

5. Special use scenarios, such as plateau
2、 Comparison of stoves
  1. Integrated stove
    Based on the heat collecting furnace, the wind proof configuration is reduced, the furnace head is connected with the gas tank, and the triangular support of the furnace head is directly used to support the boiler bottom. This is also the simplest furnace. Apart from fuel, there is only one furnace head left, and the weight is only about 100g.
Advantages: it is lighter and smaller than the collector furnace and split type stove. The portable ceiling is smaller after folding.
Disadvantages: the center of gravity is high, the wind resistance is poor, the stability is poor, and the slightly heavier and larger pots are not very practical.
Applicable scenario: suitable for 1-2 persons, suitable for outdoor light camping

2. Split stove
It is very clear from the above classification pictures. On the basis of the integrated furnace, a pipe is used to separate the fuel tank from the furnace head, so as to reduce the center of gravity and increase the stability. The furnace head looks safer when it is away from the gas pipe.

Advantages: high stability and high compatibility. Flat gas tank or long cylinder gas tank can be used (generally equipped with adapter). Easy to use windshield.
Disadvantages: slightly large volume and general stability. The thermal efficiency is general.
Applicable scenario: applicable to most scenarios, which is also a recommended type.
3. Collector furnace
From the shape, it can be seen that the boiler, furnace head and gas tank are integrated. Generally, the flat gas tank is used, and the gas tank is placed at the bottom as the support of the furnace.

Advantages: the heat transfer efficiency is the highest, the wind proof type is very good, and it is light and easy to carry

Disadvantages: poor compatibility, must be used with the heat collecting pot, not suitable for other pots and pans, with general stability.

Applicable scenario: it is suitable for 1-2 people, climbing, high altitude and other scenarios with strict requirements on load-bearing and strong wind and low temperature.

4. As for the gas stove
it has no major defects except bulkiness, which is safe and stable. Anyway, I like to use this for camping. Frying, frying, stewing, frying and stewing are OK. It's OK for 10 people to eat hot pot.

The key points of selecting and purchasing card type furnace must be kept in mind: choose the one with overheat protection device, and the card type furnace is generally only applicable to the long cylinder type gas tank.

5. Firewood stove

advantage:The most primitive, simple and emotional way to take fire. There are basically firewood outdoors, so it's OK to pick it up and burn it, saving money for fuel. For experienced outdoor players, you can dig a pit with a shovel, and then build a stove with stones, similar to the ancient marching stove, to experience the feeling of burying a pot for cooking. The fuel of the firewood stove can be firewood, particulate fuel or charcoal.

shortcoming: The stoves that can be put in the tents are all equipped with folding chimneys, so they are relatively heavy and can only be carried by self driving; The method of collecting dry firewood cannot be used in rainy and snowy days, but it still needs to carry particulate fuel; The fuel combustion of the firewood stove is insufficient, so it is easy to produce carbon monoxide, which will lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Selection of cooking utensils
There are so many choices. It's almost dazzling. In fact, as long as you want, you can use the milk pan, frying pan, frying pan and pan at home. Of course, the premise is to choose according to the stove. For example, if you use a card type stove, any pot can be used. If you use an integrated stove, there will be problems with the stability of the too large pot.

There are several key points in the selection of cooking utensils: heat transfer efficiency; Portability; Easy to clean; Corrosion resistant and rust free. Of course, beauty must have..

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