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May 15, 2022
5 Different Types of Camping - Which One Do You Prefer?
Camping is a beautiful way of life. Tent is a mobile castle of life. Outdoor camping seems to be one of the most fashionable lifestyles at present. More people stay away from the noise of the city and go to nature to spend their leisure time with their relatives and friends.

Some people say that camping is a way to get close to nature, while others say that camping is to create new scenes and find a sense of ritual in life. No matter what form of camping, it has opened our footsteps trapped by steel and concrete, and reaped the freedom and pleasure we desire.

Spring and summer are full of green, which is the most suitable season for camping.

Green lawn, sunshine, breeze, fragrance of flowers... It's time to go camping outdoors. When you encounter a blooming mountain flower, find a summer step and feel a bright sunshine.

There are many kinds of camping. According to your actual situation, choose the most suitable way of camping.

No one can refuse camping. After all, this is the beginning of yearning for life.
01 Park Camping
Every weekend, we can always see a tent in the park and by the lake. Adults sit outside the tent and chat, and children play and play around the tent. Every time I see such a scene, I always think that next time I will set up a tent in the park.

Park Camping is the simplest and easiest kind of camping. After all, Park Camping basically doesn't stay overnight, and the demand for camping equipment is not high, but the fun of camping is not reduced at all.

The sunshine in spring and summer, the blooming flowers, the gentle breeze and the fragrance in the air can make people relaxed and happy. In spring, if you can't go hiking, camping in the park is the best choice for you to get close to nature.

Whether it's a gathering of friends or a good parent-child time, camping in the park is the easiest way to open a good weekend.

Spring and summer without camping is incomplete.

Recommended equipment: automatic tent (easy to open the tent), moisture-proof mat (optional), picnic mat and picnic basket (easy to store food) suitable for people: parents, children, family and friends, outdoor experience: 0 ★ (only if you can open the tent)

02 luxury leisure camping
If you set different levels for camping, luxury leisure camping is an entry-level in the difficulty of camping, but it is the most advanced in camping equipment.

Luxury leisure camping as its name implies, the luxury version of leisure camping may not necessarily go far, but the outdoor equipment must be complete and high-end.

Luxury leisure camping is also the most comfortable and enjoyable kind of camping. Some even match RV to improve the experience of camping.
Luxury and leisure camping can give you all the beauty you imagine. Put up the tent, set up the sky curtain, and put all kinds of outdoor supplies properly. Make a cup of coffee, sit leisurely in a chair, or quietly look at the distance, or listen to the nearby insects and birds, and enter another life. It's so simple and wonderful.
When night falls, turn on the camping lights on the sky. Little lights and stars are the most beautiful pictures in the night. Open the fire, barbecue all kinds of delicious food and drink with friends. Don't you yearn for such a camping?
Recommended equipment: canopy, tent, damp proof pad, sleeping bag, camping lamp, picnic pad, picnic basket, outdoor folding chair, folding table, portable kettle, stove, air tank, outdoor kitchen utensils (pot, baking tray, etc.), charger, suitable for people: parents, children, family, friends, outdoor experience: ★
03 short term hiking camping
Short term hiking is also called leisure hiking. The walking distance is generally within tens of kilometers, and camping is generally one or two nights. Walking is not difficult, but the outdoor scenery is super beautiful, and ordinary people can try it.
Although the difficulty of short-term hiking camping is low, it is also a real outdoor camping. During the journey, we need to complete the walking route on foot. After arriving at the camping site, we also need to complete the camping independently. Although it is not difficult, it is a real process of experiencing outdoor life to do everything by yourself.

Many people say that the most important thing of short-term hiking camping is to learn outdoor experience, and the second is to feel the beauty of hiking and camping, so as to accumulate experience and start a more difficult outdoor trip.

Walking in the mountains and fields, the mountain flowers are like rosy clouds all the way, the wild flowers are gorgeous all the way, the sky is high and the clouds are clear, and the body and mind are fresh. Don't you yearn for such hiking camping?
Recommended equipment: windbreaker, hiking shoes, quick drying clothes, mountaineering stick, mountaineering bag, tent, moisture-proof pad, sleeping bag, headlights, kettle, stove head, air tank, outdoor kitchenware (pot, baking pan, etc.), charger, suitable for people: primary outdoor people, outdoor experience: ★★

04 medium and long term outdoor camping
For outdoor people, medium and long-term hiking is the most attractive. Beyond the primary line, to a new level of outdoor road, gradually into the secret realm, and began another brand-new world exploration.
Many outdoor people are well aware that the medium and long term may be an outdoor process or the peak of the outdoor road for them. If they can't get on the difficult outdoor line, they will always stay on the medium and long term level.
The medium and long-term outdoor hiking usually takes 4-7 days and camping usually takes 3-5 nights. For many people, physical strength and outdoor experience are a challenge.

Many outdoor donkey friends are keen to take the medium and long term, because there are peerless scenery in the medium and long term, and they also have another outdoor experience.
Many days of outdoor hiking and nearly 100 kilometers of line crossing have scenery and risks. Some people say that the greatest charm of outdoor lies in its uncertainty. You will never know what kind of scenery lies ahead of you.
The lake in Kanas, the sunrise in Gongga, the Star River in Hulunbuir, the meadow in Ili, and the desolation in Tengger; You have never walked or camped there. You can never imagine what the world looks like when you wake up by the lake in the morning, watch the sunrise at the foot of the mountain, watch the bright star river in the night, watch the azalea bloom under the snow mountain, and listen to the wind and sand in the desert.
Only when you have been, seen and felt, can you put the completed of the world in your heart.

Recommended equipment: windbreaker, light down jacket, hiking pants, hiking shoes, quick drying clothes, mountaineering stick, gloves, flying towel, mountaineering bag, ultra light tent, moisture-proof pad, sleeping bag (cotton or down according to temperature), headlights, water, water purification equipment, stove head, air tank, outdoor kitchenware (pot, baking pan, etc.), charger, suitable for people: experienced outdoor people, outdoor experience: ★★★★★ / ★★★★
05 reloading outdoor camping
Everyone can play outdoor camping, but only a few people can do reloading outdoor camping.
If outdoor camping is divided into grades, Chinese outdoor camping must be the king in terms of difficulty. You may have heard of many routes and place names, but you may not be able to reach them for a lifetime.
Reloading outdoor hiking is the most difficult, risky and challenging route in the hiking route. Generally, only old donkeys and senior outdoor talents will consider it.

No diamond, no porcelain work. This sentence is most suitable for outdoor use. If you don't have enough outdoor experience and ability, don't try the extremely difficult route rashly. There must be unspeakable difficulties and dangers in the road that only a few people have gone through.
Reloading outdoor camping is the highest level and the most difficult factor in camping, but it is also the one with the most beautiful scenery and the best outdoor feeling. Deserted mountains, Haizi, wild flowers, meadows... These beautiful things left over from the world can only be seen when you get close.
There are too many beauties in this world, but only a few people can meet them.

Recommended equipment: stormsuit, light down jacket, hiking pants, hiking shoes, hiking socks, gloves, flying towel, windproof mirror, quick drying clothes, mountaineering stick, mountaineering bag, ultra light windproof tent, moisture-proof pad, sleeping bag, headlights, kettle, stove head, air tank, outdoor kitchenware (pot, baking pan, etc.), charger / solar charging board. Suitable for people: Senior outdoor people, outdoor experience: ★★★★★★

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