Jun 14, 2023
                                                                     Camping Tips in Different Weather
weather for camping
In fact, it can be used all year round, but you are required to have corresponding equipment. In summer, the main attention is mosquitoes and rainstorms, because mosquitoes can bring diseases, and rainstorms can cause geological disasters. Pay attention to keeping warm in spring and autumn. , as long as you have the appropriate equipment for the season, camping is still a happy and relaxing thing.
What to do when camping encounters bad weather
1. Decide whether to move the tent position according to the terrain
(1) If it is judged that the original tent location is generally not dangerous, carry out tent safety inspections, strengthening measures and other preparations to deal with bad weather. When camping on the ridge, pay attention to wind and lightning, pay attention to the amount of rain in the valley, and pay attention to falling rocks and lightning near the rock wall;
(2) If the safety is not very reliable, it is necessary to consider relocating the tent location.
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①If the tent is erected on a ridge, and there is a lot of wind coming from the front of the ridge, the tent must withstand this kind of wind, especially in the saddle between two peaks. Walk, plus, ridges are the most vulnerable to lightning strikes. Therefore, it should be considered to move the tent to the slope or depression under the wind, where the wind effect is less.
②If the tent is erected in a valley and the stream water is soaring, accidents often occur that people are trapped due to the soaring water volume. Even if the weather is good in your own place, due to the rain upstream, it will cause the danger of the river swelling, and once the river swells, its destructive power is amazing. The condition of the grass, etc., when you can understand where the water level will rise. After full observation, decide to transfer the tent location.
③If tents are erected near the rock wall, if it rains, the rock will loosen, which will lead to rockfall. The chain of rockfalls caused by the rockfall will also form avalanches on the mountain. In addition, the rock wall is located near the ridge, which is also easy to induce lightning strikes, so special attention must be paid to it. Be careful. Therefore, carefully observe the terrain you are in, and if you think the weather deteriorates and it is dangerous, you must consider moving the tent to a safer place.
2. Tent security inspection and strengthening measures
Carry out safety inspections and strengthening measures, check whether the tent is damaged, whether the ropes are indeed tightened, whether there are problems with the pillars, whether the drainage ditch is properly dug, etc., should be checked in detail. If you think that the control rope alone is not very stable, you may wish to use the rock ancient or mountaineering pick to fix it. If it is predicted that the wind will be quite strong, you must use a thin hemp rope or a climbing rope to increase the strength of the control rope to fix the tent and prevent the tent from being swept away by the strong wind.
3. Cleaning up in the tent
To avoid panic due to the worsening weather, you should clean up the tent in advance. First of all, when flooding occurs due to the influx of rainwater, in order to prevent the clothing, hiking shoes and other equipment from getting wet, put them in plastic bags, and put excess items in the backpack; in addition, sharp items such as knives should be carefully stored Well, so as not to scratch the tent; it's also important to pre-cook meals before the weather gets worse.
4. Ways to survive harsh weather
If all preparations are in place for the severe weather, make up your mind to hold on until the weather clears. Meanwhile, watch the radio to listen to the weather report and draw a weather map to try to understand how the weather is changing. In addition, when going out in shifts, control whether the rope is reliable and whether there is flooding and other concerns, and when going out for inspection, observe the changes in the clouds and observe the sky. The people hiding in the tents can sing and tell stories and spend this time happily.
5. Escape from the tent
There may also be situations in which the tent will be abandoned due to the extreme weather. At this time, the only way to complete other preparations as soon as possible is to wait for the moment to come. When preparing, be sure to check whether there are nearby mountain huts, caves, or forests where you can evacuate, confirm the route in advance, put on hiking shoes, and be fully armed so that you can prepare to leave the site at any time. Once it is announced that the tent is abandoned, it must be in an extremely dangerous situation. Ropes should be used to prevent team members from getting lost, and caution should be exercised to prevent getting lost.
Camping at night
1. Be sure to camp before dark. It's up to you to decide what type of camp you want, whether it's a tent, camper, or cabin.
2. For the night in a tent, it is best to choose a sleeping bag in the shape of a mummy. This sleeping bag tightly wraps your feet to keep your body warm, and it's easy to carry. In terms of materials, rayon sleeping bags are easier to dry than down sleeping bags and are not allergic.
3. In order to improve the sleep quality of your sleeping bag, you can put a cushion under the sleeping bag, so that you can sleep more comfortably. Instead of carrying a pillow, you can use a sturdy and durable plastic bag that can be inflated and placed under your head instead of a pillow.

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