Jul 11, 2023
Essential equipment for outdoor BBQ and Food Storage
What does camping eat? Is convenient food not satisfying? Occasionally, I also want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and have a satisfying BBQ! In addition to essential items such as BBQ grills, barbecue clips, and tableware, there are also some practical items that need to be prepared in advance.
1. Barbecue grill: Firstly, it is necessary to have necessary tools for outdoor BBQ such as an oven, grill mesh, and iron plate. Although stainless steel ovens are relatively expensive, they are very durable. A family barbecue with a size of 50 * 30cm is sufficient for 4-5 people, while a barbecue party with 6-8 people requires twice the size.
2. Gloves: Heat resistant gloves are essential to prevent charcoal from dirtying hands and burns. If they can cover the wrists and arms, they can also be used effectively when using an incinerator
3. Charcoal clip
4. Ingredients clip: The red bear paw clip is a popular item nowadays, which can be used to cut large pieces of grilled meat and also to pick up salads. It is easy to distinguish in appearance, so you won't mistake it for your own tableware
5. Tableware: Non fragile, one hand sized tableware is very convenient, and it is best to have a small bowl for storing sauce separately.
6. Knife and chopping board: Although meat and vegetables can be pre-processed at home, grilled food still uses knives and chopping boards. Foldable cutting boards and knives are very convenient to carry
7. Name sticker: It is easy to distinguish between cups and tableware. For paper cups, the name can be written directly
8. Vegetable washing basin: It is very convenient to wash vegetables and storing washed fruits and vegetables, and the foldable style is convenient for storage and carrying
9. Special brush for barbecue net and iron plate: The burnt and dirty spots on the barbecue net and iron plate are not easy to clean, so a suitable brush is needed
10. Tin foil and oil brush: In addition to using tin foil to wrap food for barbecue, it can also be used to wrap unfinished food. The convenience of using oil brush to paint barbecue sauce need not be explained
11. Charcoal Igniter: This chimney shaped igniter can easily stack charcoal on top of the igniter, greatly improving the efficiency of starting a fire
12. Charcoal and ignition agent: Although there are electric ovens, carbon baking is still mainstream. For a barbecue for 4 people for 2-3 hours, preparing 2-3kg of charcoal is sufficient
13. Fan: A fan can make charcoal fire boil up, as it can fly charcoal ash. Therefore, remember to fan before placing food online
14. Other small items: dishcloth, garbage bag, kitchen paper.
Camping Vegetables and Meat Preservation Methods:
Usually, barbecue sites and camping sites do not have refrigerators, so it is necessary to use insulated boxes to store ingredients. Especially during spring and summer camping, the temperature is relatively high, and at temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, bacteria will multiply extensively on food. The cold insulation effect of the incubator is very important.
1. Meat is pre marinated, and vegetables are pre-cut to save space and cooking time on camping days. Pre-marinating meat with olive oil and vanilla is great, especially adding some oil to lean meat will improve its taste.
2. Do not freeze meat during a day of camping. For camping for 2 to 3 days, you can bring frozen meat to keep it fresh while also serving as an ice cube. However, it will be difficult to thaw during a day of camping. It is recommended to bring frozen or thawed fish and meat
3. Bring more cryoprotectants and ice. If there is space, try to pack more ice bags and ice boxes as much as possible. Placing all the ice on the top will hinder the retrieval of ingredients. It is best to place one or two ice bags on the top, with other ice bags placed vertically in the middle of the ingredients
4. Liquid liquids are packaged in small containers: olive oil and salad dressing liquids are taken in moderation and packaged in small bottles, making them more lightweight
5. Vegetables are easier to keep fresh when placed vertically: keeping vegetables in a state close to their growth can delay wilting and spoilage. Raw vegetables need to be crispy and refreshing, so you can find some auxiliary containers to place these vegetables vertically in an insulated box
6. Seasonings placed in small insulated bags: Small insulated bags are suitable for concentrated storage of seasonings. When bringing salad dressings that need to be refrigerated, a small ice bag can be added inside.
7. Wrap the ingredients placed next to the ice bag and ice box on paper. If meat and vegetables are excessively frozen, it can actually reduce their freshness. It is best to wrap the food and placed it next to the ice bag with newspapers or other materials to prevent excessive freezing.
8. Small items can be stored together: Small ingredients such as butter can be stored together, and you can choose food bags or mesh bags that are easy for air conditioning to enter.
9. Vegetables can be made into cold dishes in advance: Making some cold dishes in advance can save gas, fuel, and waiting time on camping days. The simplest way is to sprinkle some salt on fresh vegetables and mix them well to take them away.
10. Rootstock vegetables: indispensable for camping and barbecue, rootstock vegetables do not need to be placed in an incubator, but can be stored at room temperature in breathable mesh or cloth bags. Just like an incubator, it needs to be stored in a cool place and not exposed to the sun.

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