Jun 14, 2023
How to choose and use tents for outdoor camping?

Outdoor activities are more and more favored by modern people. With the accelerated pace of urban life, outdoor camping is the choice of many people. Whether it is RV camping or hiking outdoor enthusiasts, tents are essential equipment for them, but when you buy tents, you will find that various types of outdoor tents on the market are dazzling. Which tent to choose? Can it suit the needs of your outdoor activities?

At present, there are many classifications of tents, which can be divided into camping tents, fishing tents, etc. according to the purpose; according to the tent structure, it can be divided into triangular tents, hexagonal tents, square tents, round tents, etc.; according to different applicable temperatures, it can be divided into alpine tents, ordinary tents, tents, etc. Here we do not introduce the characteristics of each type of tent, but directly talk about the most common types of tents that are most commonly encountered when buying tents in brick-and-mortar stores or online stores, talk about their differences, and see which one is best for you.

Automatically  quickly set up tent
In fact, all tents that do not need to be erected can be called automatic tents. One of them is called a quick-opening tent, which is a pie-shaped tent after being folded. Usually this kind of tent is taken out of the bag, and it will automatically become a three-dimensional tent when unfolded. It can be placed on the ground, and it is very convenient to build. The above are his advantages. Its disadvantage is that because the tent is folded directly, it is relatively bulky and inconvenient to carry, but it is not a problem for friends who drive and can be placed in the trunk.
Hydraulic tent
The hydraulic tent is equipped with a hydraulic device, which is very convenient, and the opening and collection of accounts are relatively fast, which is its advantage. If you think setting up a tent yourself is troublesome, then this is a good choice, but the disadvantage is to use it properly. Improper use of the hydraulic device is easy to break, and if it is broken, it can only be replaced.

Rope tent
Rope tents are a good choice for outdoor mountaineering and camping. Usually, many foreigners prefer rope tents when choosing outdoor tents. Its disadvantage is that it takes a lot of force to pull the rope when building, but its advantages are obvious: the rope-lifting tent is not particularly complicated to build, just pull the rope up; the rope-lifting device is generally not easy to break ; It is cylindrical when stored, which is more convenient to carry.
Rainstorm tent
From the name, you know that the design of the anti-storm tent is the anti-rainstorm. This type of tent is especially suitable for senior outdoor sports people. People who often participate in outdoor activities can consider this tent. Because it is inevitable to encounter rainstorms outdoors, the anti-rainstorm tent can effectively block the rainwater from penetrating the tent and keep the tent dry. Although many tents will be marked with a rainproof function, the real rainstorm-proof tents have certain requirements on materials, and the tent stitching is also very particular. When purchasing a real rainstorm-proof tent, you must pay attention to these details.
Moisture proof off the ground tent
This tent is suitable for camping in the wet and rainy field, because the tent is not directly spread on the ground, but has a bracket at the bottom of the tent, so it can effectively prevent the ground from rain and humidity. If it is a rainy season or a very humid place to play, it is best to consider this kind of tent. In fact, many people use this tent as a fishing tent. Its disadvantage may be that it is relatively bulky when folded, and it is relatively heavier.

There are thousands of tents. It is necessary to choose a suitable tent for different outdoor activities. For friends who like RV camping, they may choose a relatively simple tent to meet their needs!

So after choosing a tent, how to build it?

Step 1:
Choose a relatively flat place to set up an outdoor tent, the ground should be cleaned, put the inner tent on the ground, take out the folded tent pole, straighten it section by section, and connect it into a long pole, and thread it in according to the method in the manual. In the tent pole cover above the tent, the cross is generally worn.

Step 2:
After the two poles are worn, then you can insert one end of each pole into the small hole on the corner of the tent, and then two people cooperate, hold the two ends respectively, and push the pole inward, so that the tent can be arched. When I got up, I knew that the other heads were also inserted into the small holes. After inserting them, the tent was basically formed. Of course, it was only a rough outline. If you want to be firm, you have to tie the intersection of the tent poles with your body, and then After thinking about the direction of the door, you can insert the four corners of the tent with nails into the picture, and fix it. It should be noted that the bottom of the tent must be supported so that the entire tent is bulging.

Step 3:
Finally, it's time to install the outer tent. Put the inner tent in the open outer tent. In this step, it should be noted that the doors of the inner and outer tents should be unified, otherwise, it will not be able to enter. The four corners of the inner tent correspond to the tent The four corners of the tent are well hung. For some tents, the four corners of the outer tent are also nailed around the four corners of the inner tent. Check whether the outer tent has hanging rings that can be nailed to the ground. Make the outer tent also bulging. Yes, there is a certain distance from the inner tent, because the inner tent will not get wet when it rains. In addition, there is a layer of dew or frost on the outer tent in the morning. There is a certain space to prevent the inner tent from getting wet. account.

Step 4:
Don't think that after the above three steps, the tent is set up, and there are some ropes on the outside account. Of course, there are reasons for the existence of ropes. They are used to strengthen the tent, but there is no strong wind. In this way, there is no sense of security without pulling the rope. For those who cannot sleep, it is better to pull it up. In case the weather becomes cold at night, the rope is also used to pull the ground nails. It is not difficult to pull the body, just pull it well.

Do not camp too close to the mountain to prevent falling rocks and floods in rainy days. Also, don't get too close to the river, lest the high tide wash over the tent. In short, I hope everyone can remember the relevant methods and steps of how to set up a tent, and be sure to remember the relevant precautions for setting up a tent. Only in this way can you better protect yourself and your friends outdoors.

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