Jun 14, 2023
In outdoor activities, with the advent of night, you must ensure that you have sufficient lighting facilities. Compared with the need for hand-held flashlights and the inability of headlights to achieve 360 ° lighting, the advantages of camp lights are very obvious. Because of its convenient use and stable light source, it is very suitable for lighting, cooking or leisure use in the camp. In addition to being light, easy to carry, ultra energy saving and ultra long life, At the same time, the following functions shall be met:

Stable light source (360 ° floodlighting)
Easy to hang and place, free hands
As a high color rendering light source, it is used for shooting fill light
The mobile phone acts as a mobile power supply when there is no power
Red light mode for wildlife observation

Types of camping lights

In terms of use scenarios, it can be divided into three categories:

Atmosphere lamp
As the name implies, the atmosphere lamp is used to set off the atmosphere. Its brightness requirement is also the lowest. The important thing is that the shape should be beautiful and can create a comfortable dining or chatting environment for you.

It's a common small string of lights. It's very atmospheric to circle it around the edge of the tent.

There are also relatively small ones such as the fire Maple orange lamp, which can be placed on the table. In short, its brightness and endurance are not important. The most important thing of the atmosphere lamp is to have the feeling of seeing flowers in the mist, and create an atmosphere that can rise after two cups of wine.

Tent lamp

Tent lamps have the most extensive uses and varieties. Their brightness and endurance requirements are relatively medium. Because they are used in a closed environment, a certain brightness is enough to illuminate the whole space.

However, there are also several requirements for tent lights. First of all, the volume must not be too large, and it must be able to be hung up. Secondly, its lighting range must be wide, and it can't be said to only illuminate the lower part or the side. Moreover, it is usually switched on and off frequently. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the operation logic of interior lights, that is, how to turn off and adjust the brightness. You should not underestimate this matter. Interior lights with poor operation logic, It will really annoy you, and you even have to take it off the internal account and hang it back after it is fixed.

Tip: when choosing tent lamps, we usually choose electric lamps with high safety factors. After all, if you use steam lamps or kerosene lamps in the tent, it is still quite dangerous. You may not find your tent in the morning.

Field lampThe site lamp mainly plays a lighting effect. It is usually placed at a high place, such as hanging on a tree or on the canopy pole of the camp. Generally speaking, the brightness of the site lamp should be high enough, and its endurance should be long enough. As for whether it looks good or not and the operation logic, it is not important for it. Because when the site lamp is turned off, everyone should go back to sleep in the tent, so we only operate it twice a night.

According to the fuel properties, it can be divided into electric lamps, gas lamps and oil lamps:

electric light
The advantage of electric lamps is that they are ready to use, convenient and fast, small in size and light in weight. Most of them are waterproof, weather resistant, do not need maintenance, and have stable brightness. Some electric lamps can also be used as charging treasures.

Novice camping players suggest playing electric lights first, but soon you will find that playing only electric lights is really not so interesting.

Gas lamp
The wick gas lamp has high brightness and relatively long endurance. A can of 230g gas can last about 8-9 hours, which is very suitable for being used as the main lamp. Moreover, the atmosphere it creates is also very strong, which is easy to attract the envious eyes of small partners. However, there is still a small threshold for using the wick gas lamp.

The wickless gas lamp is also called candle lamp. Its brightness is not high. It is generally used as an atmosphere lamp. Its biggest advantage is that it has a beating flame. There is a saying that "camping without lighting fire has no soul". When you look at the beating flame under the stars at night, your heart will become quiet.

If you want to have a strong atmosphere and take photos, it is recommended to prepare some good-looking gas tanks to match them.

oil lamp
We can often see its figure in camping videos or photos, because it is especially beautiful and effective for taking photos, but it is not very convenient to carry. After all, we need to take fuel in addition to lights.

Now when we use kerosene lamps, we usually use ghee instead of kerosene as the main fuel, because ghee will not have too much smoke, and it is particularly convenient to buy and cheap.

Here are some important criteria for selecting suitable camping lights:

Lighting duration
According to the endurance mode of camping lights, they can be divided into charging mode and AA battery driven power supply mode. The two modes have their own advantages. The comparative analysis is as follows. From the perspective of economy and practicality, it is recommended to choose the charging mode, but it is necessary to ensure that it is fully charged before departure, and ensure that the endurance time in the extremely bright gear can reach more than 4 hours.

Illumination brightness
The light output is measured in lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. The brightness and duration are important criteria for considering the camp lights. However, under the premise of a certain amount of electricity, the pursuit of brightness cannot meet the requirements of the duration. Generally, the brightness of the camp lights is between 100-600 lumens, so it is required that the camp can provide different gears to adjust the lumens according to the actual use scenarios.

100 lumens: suitable for tents with 2-3 people
200 lumens: suitable for camp lighting and cooking
300 lumens and above: suitable for camp party

According to the waterproof performance of the camp, there are nine grades from ipx-0 to ipx-8. In the wild, there will be rain splashing. It is not required to immerse in the water for 1.5 ~ 30 meters for 30 minutes. The performance is not affected. The waterproof ipx-8 can meet the waterproof level of IPx4 at least, which is enough to meet the needs of daily camping.

Fall resistance
Compared with heavy metal materials, most camping lights use tough and elastic PC plastic. PC, as a durable engineering plastic, also has high luminous efficiency. When used as a lampshade, it can make the transmitted light more uniform and soft, and reading under the lamp will not hurt your eyes.

High color
Sometimes it is necessary to take photos outdoors. In case of poor light, camping lights can play the role of lighting. Camping lights with color rendering index of CRI ≥ 90 can effectively restore the original color of objects, reduce eye fatigue, not only fill the light, but also allow people to better distinguish and observe objects at night.

Ease of use
Good camping lights can be placed in a variety of ways. They can not only be installed on a tripod to illuminate the camp, but also be fixed on tree trunks and branches to provide lighting. Of course, some can also be adsorbed on the inner wall of the tent through magnetic stickers.

In addition to the role of lighting, camp lights can also play the roles of mobile power supply and SOS distress signal, which greatly enrich the functions and are sufficient to deal with unexpected situations that may be encountered in the wild.

Mobile power supply: modern people are basically in a state of keeping their hands on the machine. In the wild, one more camping lamp is used as a backup power supply, and every wonderful moment in the circle of friends is not missed

Red light mode: red light can not only protect people's eyesight, but also reduce mosquito harassment, and can also be used as a safety warning SOS.

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