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Oct 25, 2021
Outdoor camping stoves is usually as a long-distance or long-term trip. There are also short-term trips. In order to experience life in the mountains, it is better to eat cooked instant noodles, ham sausage and fish than eating compressed biscuits all the time. The value of buying outdoor stoves is that you are tired, tired or hungry during outdoor activities, Set up a stove and put it on the pot. You can eat a delicious hot dish and drink a bowl of hot porridge. What a pleasant thing.
A good set of outdoor stoves is indispensable for a beautiful outdoor camping or activity. Stoves and set meal bags are one of the necessary equipment for each trip.

What kind of stoves should I buy for different scenes and different trips?
According to different energy sources, there are four kinds of general outdoor stoves: firewood stove, alcohol stove, oil stove and gas stove,

1. Firewood stove
The energy of firewood stove is the most convenient. It can be used as long as there is dry firewood. Moreover, the professional outdoor equipment firewood stove is professionally designed, which has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency and environmental protection. The advantage of firewood stove is that it has a wide range of ways to obtain fuel, and has good wind resistance and stability. The disadvantage is that the fire is troublesome, the fire power is uncontrollable, the smoke is large, and the weight will be relatively heavy. Firewood stove is more suitable for self driving camping, not suitable for camping in bad weather and snow

2. Alcohol furnace:
Alcohol furnaces are generally made of aluminum, so they are light and easy to carry. The disadvantage is that it has poor stability and weak wind resistance, so it is not suitable for camping in harsh environment. It has low combustion performance and can only be used as boiling water.
Alcohol stove is generally suitable for camping at low altitude in a single day. It is not suitable for bad or cold weather and environment.

3. Gas Stove
Gas stove is easy to catch fire and portable, so many people like to carry it. According to different furnace heads, there are three types of gas furnaces: direct connected furnace, integrated furnace and split furnace.

Direct connection furnace: the furnace head is directly connected with the gas tank. There is no conduit and the weight is much lighter. The furnace head can be held with one hand. The utility model has the advantages of light weight, small volume and convenient carrying. The disadvantage is poor stability and wind resistance.
Integrated furnace: it closely connects the pot, furnace head and air tank into one. It is especially suitable for winter, high altitude and other cold environments. One furnace can be used to melt snow or boil water. Its advantage is high combustion efficiency. The disadvantage is poor stability.
Split stove: this kind of stove separates the stove head from the air tank. It is the stove we often see in the field. It can cook all kinds of dishes. It is suitable for multi person camping and meets the cooking requirements of multi person diet. Its advantages are strong support and good stability. The disadvantages are large volume, heavy weight and inconvenient to carry.
What kind of stove you want to choose depends on your purpose and environment.
How to choose suitable outdoor stoves?

The following factors can be considered when selecting the stove:
1. Fuel efficiency of stoves
Generally speaking, the more efficient the fuel is, the better the stove. Imagine that if there is still a day to go from the end and there are only some compressed biscuits in your backpack, you will know that it is very painful to have no fuel, because it means you won't eat hot things.

2. Boiling time of stove
Under the same function, the shorter the boiling time, the better. Because you can't wait too much time to cook when you're hungry, otherwise it's easy to cook. If you're hungry, your physical strength will start to overdraft. This trouble is to reduce your physical strength and make your life dangerous. I'm not alarmist.

3. Weight of stove: the lighter the stove with the same function, the better. It's easy to carry, otherwise it's too tired.

4. Combustion stability of stove: the oil stove with low ground and wide legs is the best. Generally, the stability of small furnace head is the worst. In addition, the stability of integrated stoves is not good because they are very high off the ground (various stoves actually have advantages and disadvantages).

5. The last is the price. In terms of price, I will write in depth about the comparison of common stove prices and cost performance in the future.
After you buy a suitable stove, you should also pay attention to the following matters:

What are the precautions for ordinary people to pay attention to?
1. This person who often travels and goes camping should have this common sense, but I have to tell you:
2. After using the firewood stove, you should bury the charcoal ash as much as possible and pay attention to the safety of fire.
3. When using the alcohol stove, you can't fill it up in the process of adding alcohol. Just add two-thirds of it.
4. If you add alcohol in the middle of the alcohol furnace, you must put out the fire first and add alcohol after cooling for a while, otherwise it is easy to have problems.
5. Personally, for safety reasons, do not use an alcohol stove in the tent.

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