Nov 22, 2023

Staying organized with your camping gear can significantly enhance your camping experience, particularly when embarking on a car camping adventure. Efficient organization not only facilitates quick access to essentials but also streamlines the packing process.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned car camper, these storage hacks are sure to simplify your journey!

The initial step in organizing your gear involves laying everything out and categorizing each item. Car camping gear can be divided into five primary categories:

  1. Sleep and Shelter: This encompasses bulkier items such as sleeping bags, tents (or car camping tents), blankets, pillows, chairs, lanterns, and other comfort-related gear.

  2. Safety and Tools: This category includes first aid kits, flashlights, lighters or matches, scissors or knives, multi-use tools, and other safety equipment.

  3. Kitchen (Materials and Food): Kitchen supplies are divided into materials (utensils, plates, pots and pans, etc.) and food (dry, non-perishables, and cold items).

  4. Personal Gear (Clothes and Toiletries): Personal gear includes clothes (stored in a duffel bag) and toiletries (packed in a small case). Subcategories may include medications, towels, sunscreen, etc.

  5. Extras: Miscellaneous items like a camera, portable charger, journal, instrument, book, or games fall under this category.

For a comprehensive car camping gear list, refer to this [car camping checklist](insert checklist link).


We recommend utilizing storage bins to organize most of your camping gear. This ensures that similar items are grouped together, facilitating easy access. Here's a breakdown of suggested bins and their contents:


Bin #1 - Kitchen Materials:

  • Exclude food from this bin; focus on cooking, eating, and cleanup necessities.
  • Pack extra bags, chip clips, rubber bands, Tupperware, and multi-purpose items.
  • Keep a paper and pen for inventory and restocking purposes.

Bin #2 - Kitchen Food:

  • Separate dry, perishable, and non-perishable food.
  • Use a latching bin with a lid to protect food from critters.
  • Pack items strategically based on weight and delicacy.
  • Utilize reusable camping storage bags for grouping foods.

Bin #3 - Safety and Tools:

  • Depending on the size of your first aid kit, organize items accordingly.
  • Include extra batteries, bear spray, and insect repellent in separate bags.

Bin #4 - Personal Items:

  • Store clothes in a duffel bag and toiletries in a small case.
  • Think multi-purpose and avoid overpacking clothes.
  • Use smaller mesh bags for organizing smaller items like underwear and socks.
  • Differentiate duffel bags by color for easy identification.

Bin #5 - Sleep and Shelter:

  • As sleep and shelter items won't fit in a bin, store them in their original cases for easy access.
  • Use trash bags to protect pillows and blankets from dirt.

Bin #6 - Extras:

  • Place miscellaneous items in a small bin or bag, considering their lower priority.
  • If you have pets, designate a separate bin for their essentials.
  • Group sports equipment together.


  • Clean out your car before each trip to maximize space.
  • Set all bins next to your vehicle to assess the quantity of items.
  • Load the trunk with heavier items first, such as bins with kitchen materials and food.
  • Place duffel bags and sleeping bags on top of containers.
  • Keep essentials for setting up your camping site easily accessible.
  • Lay essentials on top of other items as the final step.

Additional Tips:

  • Label the box to distinguish the items stored inside.
  • Use clear storage bins for visibility.
  • Consider hanging shoe racks or suction-cup caddies for tools and toiletries.
  • Keep a spare key with an adult or in a secure location outside the vehicle.
  • Implement color-coding and labeling for easy identification.
  • Store emergency car-related equipment separately.

Organizing your camping equipment enhances the overall car camping experience, reducing stress and increasing enjoyment. Implement these tips and tricks on your next camping trip for a smoother and more enjoyable adventure!

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