Dec 20, 2023

Packing Essentials for Adventure Life


Adventure Life will provide a comprehensive, tour-specific packing list once you've confirmed your trip. In the meantime, here are some essential items to help you get started. Remember, in general, less is more. Lay out everything you plan to bring and then aim to pack only half!

Packing Essentials:

Note: Delayed bags are COMMON in many South and Central American destinations. Pack one change of clothes, two pairs of socks/underwear, personal hygiene items, passport, airline tickets, and emergency numbers in your carry-on. If you may not see your checked bags for two or three days, just in case, don't go overboard. You still want to be comfortable navigating through the maze of airports.

Online Gear Store: Check out the Kassico-outdoor site for all your packing needs and detailed lists tailored for any region, from humid tropics to cold polar regions.

ATM/Debit Card: In most cities and even smaller towns, you will find ATMs. Arrange for a fee waiver before leaving and save receipts in case of errors.

Cash and/or Traveler's Checks: Pack a small amount of US cash in small denominations for emergencies. Traveler's checks are a bit safer but can be more challenging to exchange.

Passport and Airline Tickets: Don't forget these essentials!

Copies of Travel Documents: Store copies of travel documents (passport, tour voucher, travel insurance, airline tickets) separately from the actual documents.

Address Book/Emergency Numbers: Pack an address book with emergency numbers for friends/family, tour staff, credit cards, and travel insurance.

Camera, Spare Battery, Extra Memory Card: Consider how much memory you'll need for photos, and then bring at least 1.5x that. Prices for memory cards can be higher in some locations.

Comfortable Shoes: Slip-on shoes work well for airports and casual walks around town. Bring durable hiking boots for trekking tours to minimize twisted ankles, and don't forget water shoes (Tevas, flip-flops, or old tennis shoes) for trips to the Galapagos, whitewater rafting, etc.

Money Belt: Use a money belt for important documents, passports, and money. Avoid the kind that hangs from your neck, as they're not very secure and can be cumbersome.

Convertible Pants: Light, fast-drying, and the legs zip off to form shorts. Bring at least two pairs!

Fleece Sweater and Light Rain Jacket: Expect the unpredictable, even in tropical areas!

Shirts (Long and Short Sleeve): Pack colors that you can mix and match to minimize luggage without having to wear the same combination every day. Synthetic, fast-drying fabrics are a real bonus in the tropics!

Swimsuit: You can find one there, but styles and sizes may be limited.

Sunglasses and Hat: To block the strong Equatorial sun. Consider buying the hat when you arrive—it makes a great memory of all your travel miles.

Personal Items and Medications: Pack your favorite brands of shampoo or deodorant in a small tote in your carry-on. Don't forget insect repellent, antibiotics (for Traveler's Diarrhea), anti-itch cream, extra contacts/glasses, sunscreen, and prescription medications.

Water Bottle: Minimize plastic waste by bringing a refillable water bottle. This allows you to buy larger bottles of water or fill up from hotel supplies.

Book(s): Remember that the pace of life is a bit slower in Latin America. Expect a few delays and plan accordingly.

Journal and Pens: Capture those subtle travel experiences to create lasting memories of your adventures!

Advice from a Traveler: Many travelers tend to overpack, thinking they won't find certain items in South America. However, you can purchase most things as needed in markets, malls, or from other travelers. The pleasure of traveling includes bringing home crafts and memories of the host country, so avoid missing out by bringing too many unnecessary items from home. Travel light, and you'll have the flexibility to adapt and enjoy your journey to the fullest.

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