Jun 14, 2023
                                                                 Safety Tips For The Outdoors Overnight Camping
Safety related preparations
 [Prepare as much material as possible], especially when camping in places that are far away or far away from people's homes, such as bringing long thin ropes, small bells, such as awnings/sky curtains, such as the cold protection level of sleeping bags;
[First aid kits], gauze, tourniquets, Band-Aids, commonly used medicines, etc., outdoor activities are inevitably bumpy.
Food storage safety】, non-perishable, sealable, such as do not leave food open overnight, you never know what will happen when you fall asleep. [Only use safe water], if the drinking water you bring is not enough, you need to get water on the spot, you must observe the situation of the water source, and then drink it after boiling.
[Do not interact with wild animals], students in the city may be very excited when they see some small animals, such as marmots, squirrels, monkeys, try not to come into close contact with them.
[Going together outdoors], don't go camping alone, if you only have one car, try not to go to places that are not paved.
2. Choose a safe campsite
The choice of camping site is the most important point of safety, follow the following principles:
[Near water], choose a place close to the water source for camping, such as choosing close to streams, lakes and ponds , by the river, but also keep a certain safety distance. The camp should not be set up on a river beach or beside a stream, especially in the rainy season and in areas prone to flash floods. Once it rains heavily or the upstream reservoir releases water, or flash floods occur, life will be in danger. However, in the deep mountains and dense forests, you will encounter wild animals near the water source, so you must be extra careful.
[Anti-beasts] When building a camp, carefully observe whether there are animal footprints, feces and nests around the camp. Do not build it in an area where there are many snakes and mice to prevent injury or damage to equipment and facilities. Have mosquito repellent, insect, scorpion medicine and protective measures. Sprinkling some plant ash, insect repellent spray, realgar, etc. around the camp will be very effective to prevent the infestation of snakes, scorpions and poisonous insects.
[Leewind], consider the direction when setting up a tent, especially in some valleys and river beaches, you should choose a leeward place to camp, with the tent door facing away from the wind.
【Away from the cliff】, has two meanings, don't stick under the cliff to avoid falling rocks, and don't stick on the cliff to avoid accidentally falling. [Sunshine] The camp should be located in a place with a long sunshine time as much as possible, which will make the camp warmer, dry and clean, and it is easy to dry clothes, items and equipment in the shade. If the temperature is high and the sun is strong, choose a place with the back. [Lightning protection], in the rainy season or areas with many thunder and lightning, the camp must not be set up on high ground, under tall trees or relatively isolated flat ground.
[Environmental protection], no deforestation, no damage to natural vegetation, no water pollution, fire must be completely extinguished when the camp is withdrawn, garbage and waste must be taken out as much as possible, and thrown in designated places, and can be taken away in special circumstances. Dig and bury the garbage. For example, in the picture below, we brought our own mobile toilet
 3. Camp night safety tips
Multiple tents should be as close together as possible. The tents of female classmates and children are arranged in the middle of the camp. If the car is next to the camp, you can park the car outside the tent. Judging from the environment, if necessary, wrap the slender rope prepared above around the outside of the tent group, fix the four corners with branches or the like, hang the rope in the air, and hang small bells on the rope as a "perimeter" security system". There is a warning effect when the bell is moved.
If you have a shovel or other self-defense tool, it is recommended to put it in a place where you can easily get it in the tent in case of emergency. Under the condition of ensuring the safety of fire, the bonfire can be lit at night to drive away animals. It must be only small flames or carbon fires, and it is guaranteed that there will be no large-scale burning. It is not recommended in the case of wind.

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