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Oct 14, 2021
What equipment or how much equipment you need to bring for outdoor camping is closely related to the number of campers, camping sites and camping seasons. The following equipment almost includes comprehensive camping / camping equipment, which you can choose, buy and carry according to your own needs. The precautions are also multifaceted. I don't know which aspect you want to know?

The following is a brief but comprehensive introduction to camp selection, tent construction, item application and accident handling. I hope it can help you.

Camping equipment list:
1. The tent season is divided into three quarters, four seasons and alpine accounts, and the number of people is divided into single person, double person, three person and multiple person accounts. For ordinary leisure camping activities in spring, summer and autumn, aluminum pole three seasons double double layer tent can be selected;

2. Sleeping bags are divided into envelope type, mummy type and mixed type in appearance. From the filling material, they are divided into down, fiber cotton, fleece, ordinary chemical fiber cotton, ordinary cotton and other types. The general seven hole cotton mummy sleeping bag can meet the demand. According to the travel environment, choose the sleeping bag with corresponding temperature scale. It is recommended to buy a low down and a cotton sleeping bag above 0 degrees;

3. The moisture-proof pad makes sleep more quality. The material is divided into foam moisture-proof pad, inflatable moisture-proof pad, tin foil moisture-proof pad and self inflatable moisture-proof pad. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and should be selected according to needs;

4. The mat protects the bottom of the tent from damage or dirt and prevents the rise of water vapor on the ground;

[shoes and clothing]
1. The skin windbreaker has wind and water resistance and good air permeability, which is necessary for travel in summer and autumn

2. The sweat of quick drying clothes and trousers can be quickly transferred to the surface of clothes and then evaporated for quick drying. It is better that the trousers and sleeves can be disassembled

3. Sweat wicking underwear light colored underwear is less heat absorbing and suitable for hot days

4. It is necessary to keep warm when you travel in winter or go to the plateau

5. Hiking and mountaineering shoes are wear-resistant and waterproof. It is best to choose medium high top. 6. Sports casual shoes and sports sandals can be selected as appropriate. 7. Sweat wicking socks or ordinary sports socks

1. For long-distance travel with 45-80l backpacks, girls need about 55L and boys need more than 65L;

2. 15-30l small backpack for short distance travel or long-distance standby, with a certain burden;

3. The waist bag or satchel is used to store small things, preferably the one that can hold a kettle;

4. According to personal needs, the camera bag is more convenient to access the lens;

5. Toiletries are more convenient to pack and carry

1. Headlights outdoor camping lighting equipment is very important. Headlights are more convenient than flashlight, which can free up your hands and serve as a warning at night;

2. Camp lights are mainly used for camp lighting during camping or in tents. There are three types: rechargeable type, self generating type and battery type. When purchasing, the light intensity, irradiation range, power consumption and moisture-proof shall be considered;

3. Windproof lighters and waterproof matches are well illuminated in case of emergency;
1. Stove when camping in the wild, cooking with stove is faster and more convenient than campfire, and can be used in any environment. On the market, there are mostly gas tank furnace head and oil tank furnace head. The oil tank furnace head is more suitable for high mountains and snow areas, and the gas tank furnace head is better under normal conditions;

2. If you don't want to use the stove as a decoration, you must remember to take it with you;

3. Set the big, medium and small pots together, with small bowls, spoons, teacups, etc. it is best to use the hanging type in alpine areas;

4. The multifunctional knife can be equipped with a multifunctional knife similar to the Swiss Army knife, which can be used for many purposes.

[water gear]
1. The water cup mainly includes a camping cup that can be heated by the furnace head and a large-capacity thermal insulation or ordinary water cup. The latter two can be selected for leisure camping;

2. The water bag can replenish a small amount of water for many times in time, and can also be used as a hanging shower device when necessary;

3. The outdoor water purifier is more professional, which can be equipped for long-time campers with high quality of life.

Accessories: shovel mobile, mountaineering staff, waterproof bag, backpack rain cover, sun hat, scarf, gloves, small mobile phone, GPS, compass, survival guard, spare battery, small telescope, towel and wash, etc. portable medicine: band aid, Yunnan Baiyao, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, driving oil, antibiotic tablets, antipyretic, antidiarrheal, mosquito repellent, Snake medicine, anti allergy medicine and other standby foods: compressed biscuits, chocolate, beef jerky, raisins, energy bar, etc