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Charcoal & Wooden Grill

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How to Choose a camping grill?
There is nothing more wonderful than having a beautiful day outdoors with the people we love. However, without delicious food, the experience will not be perfect. There's nothing better than having an outdoor barbecue with your family and friends with the help of a camping grill. The premise is that you need to prepare this camping artifact - barbecue rack in advance.
How to choose a suitable barbecue rack for camping?

1. Mobility
This is very important. Usually, most grills weigh between 10kg and 30kg. Barbecue in the wild means that you need to carry them often. If they are too heavy, it will be very inconvenient. In order to solve this problem, you need to determine how much weight you can bear. This problem can be easily solved through portable grills, There are two main types of portable grills: desktop and cart. The desktop can be light to heavy, depending on its size and material. If you travel with your lover, you can choose this light desktop barbecue rack, while the cart type is more suitable for the situation with many people and complex environment, because it has two wheels to help you transfer easily.

2. Fire control capability
This is a very useful function. Good fire control ability will make you have a more perfect experience during barbecue, but it is difficult for you to understand this function in advance. The best way to know that a certain grill has the ability to control the fire is to use it several times. However, due to the developed Internet, you can consult the campers who have experimented with their experience when buying online, which can make it easier for you to find the answer.

3. Grill and net
No one wants to barbecue in the wild, because the barbecue net and plate are too small to satisfy everyone to have a good experience. That's why you need to consider the most likely situation before making a purchase.
A small baking net can bake only a limited amount of food at the same time, but it is very good for two people. If you don't plan to add vegetables, or you can prepare the meat separately after it is cooked, it can barely be used by four people.
If there are many people, or you want to roast meat and vegetables at the same time, you need to consider using a larger grill. If there are more than six people, you need to consider rotating meals. Of course, you certainly don't want this. If you want to avoid these situations, you need to choose a non portable large grill or prepare an additional portable grill.

4. Charcoal grill
This is the most popular one on the market. Many people think that charcoal barbecue is more original. In fact, charcoal will add a special flavor to meat and vegetables, but many people love barbecue because of this unique flavor.
At the same time, this type of grill is very convenient. Usually you don't carry too much charcoal, and it's not heavy. But that's not all. Charcoal barbecue ovens produce a lot of heat and are very suitable for barbecue. Its only disadvantage is that it cannot burn rapidly and it takes a long time to evenly distribute heat. At the same time, if you choose to use this grill, you also need to often add or remove charcoal to achieve the ideal temperature. Another troublesome point is the cleaning after barbecue.

5. Gas barbecue oven
Because it is easy to carry, it is very popular with professional campers. One of the reasons why people like it is that it is more convenient without storing charcoal. At the same time, it can quickly provide sufficient heat for the oven during barbecue, so that the process of preparing food is very simple and does not need too much work.

In addition, its service life is longer than any other variety. In addition, some provide some additional functions. However, before purchasing this kind of gas grill, you should pay attention to whether the machine is suitable for the expected fuel source. This type of grill is very suitable for acute campers because it can cook food quickly. However, it can't help you make people's favorite charcoal barbecue, and because it uses gas, it will produce a small amount of gas, and even explode if it is not operated properly.

In general, for the selection of barbecue grills, you need to choose the most appropriate type according to the camping situation and the number of people. Remember not to be greedy for small and cheap before buying, but you can't say that expensive is good. The best way is to buy on the spot. When buying online, you need to consult other buyers. When you have these necessary tools ready, hurry to have a wonderful barbecue with your family and friends!