Jul 11, 2023
How to choose a canopy in summer?
The scorching sun is the strong background of summer, and it is really important to choose the right canopy to camp comfortably in the scorching sun!! Treasures, you can try starting from these aspects. In summer battles, you are finally not afraid of the sun~
1、 Look at the shape
1. Four Corner canopy: Easy to build, perfect for novice camping enthusiasts to get started with.
2. Hexagonal canopy: The unfolding is hexagonal, with moderate difficulty in construction.
3. Octagonal canopy: Beautiful in appearance, with eight hanging points and a large shading area.
4. Alien canopy: The shape is eye-catching, which tests the ability to build.
5. Dome canopy: Large space, high appearance, and moderate construction difficulty.
6. Self standing canopy at the rear of the car: It can be used as a rear canopy, which is more suitable for Baozi who likes self driving camping.
2、 Look at the fabric
Cotton cloth canopy: With high appearance and delicate texture, it is a must have for exquisite camping. However, its disadvantages include being heavy, not drying in the sun after encountering water, easy to mold, weak sun protection ability, and not being recommended for use in summer.
Oxford cloth canopy: Lightweight, sturdy, and durable, with excellent waterproof performance. If paired with a coating, summer sun protection is still OK!
3、 Look at the sunscreen coating
The sunscreen ability of the canopy is really important in summer!! When choosing treasures, they can start with "coating".
1. Silicone coating: Lightweight and waterproof, fearless of rain, but with low sun protection effect, it is not recommended to enter in summer!
2. Silver glue: Moderate sun protection, can be held in spring, autumn, and early summer.
3. Black glue: UPF50+, is a commonly used sunscreen coating on the market, accompanied by black glue, and looking forward to camping.
4. Titanium black glue: It is lighter than black glue coating and has outstanding sun protection and durability.
4、 Look at waterproofing
There is a lot of rain in summer, so how to deal with sudden rainfall during camping? The waterproof ability of the canopy must be improved.
1. PU2000mm: Generally speaking, dealing with light rain is not a problem.
2. PU3000mm: Don't be at a loss in case of moderate or heavy rain.
3. PU4000mm-PU5000mm: it can cope with rainstorm weather and feel more secure.
5、 Look at the size of the canopy
By measuring the size of the canopy, one can roughly understand the corresponding shading area and the number of people it can accommodate. Give a few simple examples~
three hundred × 400cm: The shading area is about 10 square meters, suitable for 4-6 people.
four hundred and forty × 440cm: The shading area is about 15 square meters, suitable for 6-8 people.
five hundred and ten × 510cm: With a shading area of about 20 square meters and a super large space, it can accommodate 8-10 people.

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