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Nov 09, 2021
How to choose a campsite for outdoor camping
1. Close to water: camp and rest must be close to the water source, such as near streams, lakes and rivers. However, it is not allowed to tie the camp on the beach or beside the stream, especially in the rainy season and mountain flood prone area. Once there is rainstorm, water discharge from the upstream reservoir, mountain flood outbreak, etc., it will be life-threatening.

2. Leeward: when camping in the wild, we should consider the leeward problem, especially in some valleys and beaches, we should choose a leeward place to camp. The tent door should not face the wind.

3. Far Cliff: if you want to camp under the cliff, you can't find a suitable position at the concave place under the cliff due to the restrictions of conditions, don't stick the camp under the cliff. Once the wind blows on the mountain, stones and other objects may be blown off, causing danger

4. Shade: if you need to live in a camp for more than two days, you should choose a shade place to camp in good weather. For example, under the big tree and to the north of the mountain, it is better to shine on the sun rather than the sunset. In this way, if you rest during the day, the tent will not be too hot and stuffy.

5. Lightning protection: in rainy season or thunder and lightning area, the camp must not be planted on high ground, under high trees or on isolated flat ground.

6. Camp construction: after the camp is selected, the camp shall be built. Especially with a certain scale of field campsites,
The construction of the whole camp is particularly important, which is divided into the following steps:

Site leveling: clean the selected tent area, remove stones, shrubs and other things that are easy to pierce the tent, and fill the uneven places with soil or grass.

Site Zoning: a complete camp shall be divided into tent camping area, fire area, dining area, entertainment area, water area (toilet), health area and other areas. The fire area should be downwind to burn the tent with a fire star. The dining area should be close to the fire area for cooking and dining. The activity and entertainment area shall be located downwind of the dining area to prevent the dust from polluting tableware and other objects. The sanitary area should also be downwind of the activity area. The water use area shall be divided into upper and lower sections on streams and rivers. The upper section is the edible and drinking water area and the lower section is the domestic water area.

Construction of tent camp area: for example, in the tent camp area composed of several tents, attention shall be paid to: the tent doors shall be opened in one direction and arranged side by side. A certain distance shall be maintained between tents.

Construction of fire dining area: dining is generally together with fire. It is best to cook at a place with earth and stone ridges in order to dig stoves and build stoves. The firewood collected by everyone should be stacked outside the area or upwind.

It's better to have a grass in the dining area where everyone sits.
Construction of health area: the health area is a convenient place to get rid of. If you only stay for one night, you don't have to dig and build a pit. You can designate a convenient place for men and women. If the accommodation days are more than two days, it should be excavated and built, and the temporary toilet should be built in a place with dense trees.

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