Jun 14, 2023

                   What do you need to prepare for outside barbecue?

Outdoor camping and barbecues are becoming more and more popular, especially barbecues. It is more popular for friends to have an outdoor barbecue. In the warm spring and cool automn, find a good weather, find a flat outdoor space, take the elderly and children, stay away from the steel city, enjoy the mountains and waters, and enjoy doing it yourself, even if it is dark cooking.
I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my experience in outdoor barbecues over the years. This article only talks about outdoor barbecues. I am confident that as long as you prepare according to this article, you will not step on the pit, be in a hurry, or have dark cooking.

1、 Preliminary preparation

1. Select the place, plan the personnel, estimate the quantity of equipment and food materials in advance
2. For equipment purchase, the following is a special equipment list and description of various tools and ingredients.
3. For outdoor activities, the equipment shall be light, fall resistant, closed and environmentally friendly.
4. Prepare an incubator to store food. Prepare several bottles of frozen mineral water in the refrigerator in advance as ice bags and put them in the foam box.
5. Prepare a storage box to store all tools, small items, spices, etc. for easy handling.
6. The preparation of dishes depends on your hobbies. Wash and cut the dishes at home in advance, and marinate the necessary meat in advance.

2、 Equipment list
There are two lists, one is list type, and almost all commonly used lists are in it. One is the picture style. The important things are all in it, including the style of items. What you see is what you get.

3、 Tools
It has one function: to preserve food. Prepare ice packs. However, I still suggest freezing mineral water. After thawing, I can still drink it. After I eat some food, I can put beer and beverages here. I will camp at 30 ℃ for 3 days and 2 nights outdoors. Half of the ice in the frozen mineral water packed in the incubator has not melted, provided that the seal is kept to reduce the opening times. I try to choose a thicker one. The recommended length is 40-50cm.

2. Storage box
The main purpose of the storage box is to facilitate storage and handling. It is strongly recommended to buy an aluminum alloy storage box, which is lightweight, impact resistant, stackable, beautiful and can also be used as a table or tea table.

3. Barbecue net/rack/plate

From my personal experience, I chose the simple barbecue net for two core reasons: (1) It is too difficult to move large items. (2) It is very troublesome to clean. After baking, there is heavy oil stain. I don't want it when I see it.

The barbecue net is very simple. An engineer shovel is used to dig a pit about 15cm deep on the ground. The size of the pit is slightly smaller than the barbecue net. Stone is placed on both sides of the pit, and the barbecue net is placed on the stone side. Try to buy more than 50cm baking net.

Try to buy a longer grill, and try to buy a lighter one as long as your car can fit and the quality is guaranteed.
If you use a gas cartridge oven, it doesn't matter if you don't like to use carbon. You can use a baking pan. The result is similar to "teppanyaki", and fried steak is very good

4. Fuel
The core is carbon. It is recommended to use strip hollow carbon, which can burn for up to 5-6 hours. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to ignite, so it is recommended to buy flammable ignition carbon. If you buy charcoal by box, you will generally send ignition carbon. Novice Xiaobai suggests buying ignition carbon separately, but it is not recommended to use fast burning ignition carbon as the main fuel. First, the combustion time is short, and second, there are always some additives to make the carbon flammable, We should still think about our health.

First, stack the strip carbon into a hill shape, add ignition carbon in the middle, ignite the ignition carbon and wait for the strip carbon to ignite. It usually takes about 10 minutes for the strip carbon to enter the combustion state. Don't put too much strip carbon. After ignition, lay a layer of flat to bake the width of the mesh. It is recommended that the side is dense while the side is sparse, so that the side is big while the side is small.

5、 Cookware/tableware
1. Tin foil
Focus on tin foil paper. For pork, eggplant and the like, it is recommended to put tin foil paper on it and bake it. See the picture at the top. After the pork is oily, it is easy to cause charcoal to generate open fire. You can fold the tin foil paper into a bowl and bake it with soup inside, which is delicious!

Wrap potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn with tin foil and put them directly in the charcoal fire to bake them. It's called a fragrance!

2. Disposable bowls/plates
It is recommended to buy two kinds of bowls and plates, one for each person to use, and the plate is used to hold baked food or dip materials. Don't buy a bowl too large. The diameter of 12cm is enough. The diameter of the plate can be slightly larger.

Please pay attention to materials. Don't buy plastic ones. It is recommended to buy degradable raw wood pulp materials. After all, environmental protection is really important.

3. Chopsticks and bamboo sticks
Not to mention that everyone knows that chopsticks and bamboo sticks are disposable.
It is recommended to use bamboo skewers for barbecue. Don't believe in the various tall propaganda of metal skewers. You absolutely want to throw them away when you are hot. After baking, you don't want to clean them. It's good to buy hundreds of bamboo skewers at 9.9 yuan. Why wash them.

4. Engineer shovel
If you use a barbecue rack, you generally do not need an engineer shovel. If you need to dig a little pit with a barbecue net, you are recommended to take one with you. The engineer shovel is recommended to buy a multi-functional one. It can be used occasionally in the gap of the spare tire in the trunk.

5. Pan
If you need it, you can fry food on the one hand and cook soup on the other. You can use one thing for many purposes. If you like it, you can give it up if you feel troublesome

6. Others
Such as barbecue clip, paper towel, wet paper towel, garbage bag, fresh-keeping bag, etc. There are also scissors, knives, spoons and other items to carry according to their own conditions.

If there are some chopping boards that need to be cut on site, you must take the chopping boards and knives with you. It is recommended to use the lightest and thinner chopping boards to facilitate cleaning and handling.

Finally, pay attention to anti mosquito products. Mosquitoes are always unavoidable outdoors, especially in summer. If it is an anti mosquito spray, it is recommended to spray a circle along the ground around the camp before taking out the food, and pay attention to lower the spray.

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